The LiquidPlanner Video Box Set

Charles Seybold | November 15, 2009

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Don’t know what to get your over worked project team for a holiday gift this year? If you’ve already given them iPods, socks, and every other remotely useful thing; then why not a bunch of LP videos?

OK, maybe not.  But I did finally got around to pulling the various interviews and pitches floating around the interwebs; here they are one easy to use blog post.

LiquidPlanner at Enterprise 2.0

Jason Carlson, in San Fransico talking about customers and the new iPhone app.

WA Software: Break-through Startup of the Year

A real video production crew can do wonders with a project management pitch.

WTIA Fast Pitch Forum and Technology Showcase

Fast forward to 00:03:15 for the LiquidPlanner pitch. Pitched to a panel of startup experts, then got some great questions. Didn’t win the prize but got high marks.

Talking social project management with the Project Shrink

Turns out project management is about people, who knew?

Bruce doing SXSW (again)

The DEMO 08 Product Launch Videos

LiquidPlanner barely even looks like this anymore; we had maybe a 1/3 the features we have now.

A year of work came down to these 6 minutes where we introduced LiquidPlanner to the world:

The LiquidPlanner Web Commercial