Top 10 New Release Tricks and Treats

Tatyana Sussex | October 22, 2013

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Our new release is chock-full of over 50 new and improved features to make your life at work more productive, and fun. If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, you’re going to notice some design and usability changes – if you haven’t already.

We’ll be writing more about some of these features in upcoming blog posts, but for now, here’s a list of 10 new features we love – and we think you will too!

1. Faster, more powerful Search – Improved!
We sort of want to brag about our Search feature for a moment here. It’s now not only faster, but casts a wider net to locate whatever information you’re looking for in all corners of your workspace  (Checklists, Comments, Timesheets, Tasks and more).


2. Quick Filter – New!
The new Quick Filter is a way to drill into project folders to find specific items you’re looking for. As an LP co-worker says, the Quick Filter looks like search but functions like a filter.


3. Updated Edit Panel – Improved!
We upgraded this editorial workhorse of LiquidPlanner to be sleeker, more efficient and super practical.

4. Time tracking changes – Improved!
Timer and timesheet upgrades simplify the process of keeping track of your work hours and provides a multitude of ways to better manage your timesheets and time tracking.

5. Timesheet Review managers will love – Improved!
This one’s for you managers out there: A redesigned Timesheet Review that makes it easier to review and approve your team members working hours.


6. Add multiple items – Improved!
This feature is not just for tasks anymore. You can now use the Add menu to add multiple Projects, Subfolders, Packages, Clients and Events – and up to 50 items at once.  For a little guidance, click “Examples & Tips.”


7. Upgraded editor for Comments and Notes – Improved!
You are now able to better format your comments and notes within tasks and project in LiquidPlanner. Whether you are adding or building a table, wanting to spell-check your message or just want advanced format, we now have you covered.

8. Reply all – New!
With the new Reply all feature you can now just click the button and everyone in the comment thread will be included on your reply. Just another feature to keep more time spent actually managing projects!

9. Contract Value – New!
Another one for managers: This new field offers a way to enter a fixed monetary value. For example, you can enter the final negotiated or proposed price for a project or a client and keep track of this value within the edit panel.

10. Restrict who can prioritize project items – New!
A popular request from managers in the LiquidPlanner world: You now have the ability to restrict team members from reprioritizing items in a workspace portfolio – especially handy for teams using vendors and contractors.


What else have you discovered in this new release? Share your discovery in Comments for other LiquidPlanner customers!