Top 3 Features for Managers From LiquidPlanner’s Update

Tatyana Sussex | October 28, 2013

Santiago Rodriguez
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We created LiquidPlanner to be a powerful scheduler and collaborative project management tool where everyone has a say and a play in the life of a project.

But we’re realists, too. There are times when managers need some special features for their jobs’ responsibilities. Here are 3 LP features (2 new, 1 upgrade) designed to help managers oversee their teams and projects more effectively.

1. Restricting members from re-prioritizing

It’s a powerful advantage when project work can be so evenly distributed within one workspace, and individuals can re-order their priorities with incoming scope changes. But every once in a while, we hear from managers who would like a little more say in delegating who gets to re-prioritize what. For example, let’s say you have a new employee working on your large complex projects and there needs to be tight control on what gets moved – a temporary restriction from re-prioritizing can keep everyone from worrying about missteps for the time being.

restricted user feature

The default setting gives Full or Restricted member re-prioritizing rights (box checked). To change restrictions: If you’re an LP workspace Owner or Co-Owner, go into the Settings tab > Member Access and un-check the “Restrictions and Permissions” box.

2. Timesheet review and approval process

Our Timesheet Review redesign makes it easier for managers to review team members’ timesheets and see what’s going on with their group’s workload at a glance. Popular request added feature: You can now get info for employees’ time periods even if they didn’t track any time. Also new here: a date picker for a straight shot to the view you’re looking for; reporting information for weekly totals and more nifty upgrades.

time sheet feature

For more details, read the Timesheet Review page from LiquidPlanner’s Learning & Support (scroll halfway down the page and you’ll find it).

3. New Contract Value

Managers can now enter a fixed monetary value to their Projects and Clients – and track how they’re doing over time. This value is typically the final negotiated or proposed price for work being done. Accessible only by LiquidPlanner Managers, Co–owners and Owners, “Contract Value” is now an entry field in the Details portion of the Edit Panel.

contract value feature

Workspace Owners and Co-owners can also access the Contract Value field in Analytics, where LP will calculate the difference between your billable and payable hours, shown to you in “% Delta” fields. The upshot – a way of managing budgets, billable hours and any end-of-project unwelcome “surprises.”