Top 5 LiquidPlanner Blog Posts of 2012

Alison Clancy | January 4, 2013

2012 liquidplanner top blog posts
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2012 liquidplanner top blog postsEveryone’s talking about the new year, but we wanted to take one last look back at our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012.  It was a big year for LP; we added a few team members, created new product features and launched LP4!

1. LiquidPlanner Project Management for Android – New Mobile App! by Liz Pearce

iPhone, schmiPhone. Android fans came out in droves when we announced last spring that LiquidPlanner would be fully functional on their smartphone of choice. It was a long time coming, but as a fiercely dedicated bunch, we knew we had to make our mobile apps compatible across all devices. You can download the app now on Google Play (it’s free for LP subscribers!).

2. LiquidPlanner + Box – Seamless Online Project Management and Documentation by Liz Pearce

Last summer, we announced a new integration with Box, a pioneer in online content management for enterprise. Needless to say, people were pretty excited. Over 82% of Fortune 500 companies use Box to securely collaborate on content with their team members, and you know we’re all about collaboration in the workplace. Box and LiquidPlanner – a match made in heaven.

3. 15 Reasons Why You and Your Team Should Be Tracking Time by Liz Rosen

One of our fearless Support leaders, Liz Rosen, wrote this incredibly helpful blog post in July that gave not one, not two, but 15 reasons why you should be tracking time. She demonstrates that even though time tracking can feel painful, the benefits extend much further than the accounting department.

4. Project Management Challenge: Say This, Not That by Andy Makar

“Just spit it out already!” Ever feel like yelling that at the guy in the cubicle next to you that won’t stop going on and on about “paradigm shifts” and “SPIs”? Our friend Andy Makar knows how you feel, which is why he penned this guide on avoiding overused terms so you can start saving time (and headaches). Will you take the Project Management Challenge?

5. LiquidPlanner Analytics: One-Click Project Intelligence by Liz Pearce

The big release announcements kept coming in 2012, with one of the biggest involving the unveiling of LiquidPlanner Analytics. Answer the following questions and more with our Custom Report Builder:

–        How is my team spending their time? (Activity Report)

–        Which client drove the most billable hours last month? (Client Report)

–        How much available time does my team have next month? (Team or Person Report)

Yes, it was a pretty good year, and it looks like 2013 will be even better! What would you like to see us write about next?

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