Top Seattle Interactive Conference Influencers: Day One

Alison Clancy | November 3, 2011

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SIC LogoHave you ever seen a cooler (or cuter) conference mascot before? Meet Timmy, the owl. No one knows why his name is Timmy; that’s just how it is.

Yesterday, Liz and I got to attend the Seattle Interactive Conference, the first ever two-day event celebrating the coming together of online technology, creativity and emerging trends. As LiquidPlanner employees, we’re always looking to learn and be inspired by leaders in technology, especially when they’re giving out advice in our fair city of Seattle.

With this crowd of speakers and attendees, it’s hard to single out the few who really made an impact yesterday, but shoot, we’re going to try! Here are the top influencers (according to us) who really rocked the conference stage yesterday and created a ripple effect on the World Wide Web:

SIC Talk1. Shauna Causey (@shaunacausey) – If there’s a social media/online-related event happening in the Seattle area, then you can bet that Ms. Causey will be there. After working for Comcast for eight years and watching their understanding and use of social media explode into an effective vehicle for customer service, Shauna has taken her talents to Nordstrom and now plays an integral part in their online presence. She is also the Vice President of the Social Media Club (Seattle Chapter). My personal favorite part of her talk, “When Conversation Sparks Innovation,” was when she brought up certain companies (*cough*CHAPSTIX*cough*) and their bad habit of deleting negative comments on their social media channels (a BIG no-no). She also remained totally poised when the lights went out in the middle of her presentation. Twice. So kudos to you, Shauna.

2. Scott Macklin (@scottmacklin) – A favorite of Liz’s, Scott spoke about community centric storytelling through digital means. His presentation, which you can see in full here, really emphasized that a good story isn’t good just because it starts out with “once upon a time…,” but because it builds trust and makes the audience feel comfortable engaging and interacting with the creators of the story. Scott currently serves as the Associate Director of the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington, and uses social media as a tool for learning and building meaningful relationships.

3. Josh Fruhlinger (@fruhlinger) – An all-around crowd pleaser, Josh Fruhlinger, the Editorial Director for Engadget, spoke about how Engadget went from a technology blog to a media powerhouse. With 20 million readers, Josh discussed how ethics, journalism, and monetization have all affected the once tiny operation. He also wasn’t shy in pointing the spotlight on the growing pains that the company has had to go through to get to where they are today.

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So there’s our Day One Seattle Interactive Conference wrap up. Have there been any knockout presentations on Day Two so far? What’s been your favorite presentation overall?