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Traditional vs Dynamic Project Management [Infographic]

traditional and dynamic pm

Tools matter.

And yet—even though organizations increasingly rely on project management solutions to help run their business and organize their teams, the solutions aren’t cutting it. The digital industry is moving faster than ever. Customers and clients are more demanding. And traditional PM tools aren’t keeping up. Schedules are rarely up to date; plans are hard to access; risks are hidden until it’s too late and team members don’t have any idea what they should be working on. We’ve all complained about one of these at some point!

No wonder only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects using old-school tools. But there are other options. Like a Dynamic Project Management system, which recognizes projects as living, evolving constructs. Dynamic Project Management gives teams a fluid process, an adaptive methodology, and a predictive, automated tool.  It plans and schedules projects in a way that maps to the real world.

If you think staying with the status quo is a good idea (or at least a more convenient one), think again. Here’s a comparison of Traditional and Dynamic Project Management to get you thinking. There is a better way.

Traditional vs. Dynamic Project management


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