Update: What’s Happening with the LiquidPlanner Android App?

Alison Clancy | November 23, 2011

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Android WallpaperRemember choosing teams for kickball back in the day? There was always that one small fry kid from the neighborhood who was dying to play with the older, bigger high school kids. You had your doubts about his athletic abilities, but still, you picked him for your team. Both you and Small Fry really tried to make it work – you spent months helping him practice and defending him while the other players got impatient, and while he was definitely getting better, he just couldn’t hack it when it came to the first big game.

We here at LiquidPlanner just had a similar experience, except the kid’s name was the HTML5 Mobile App, and the big game was called, “Making Our Android Customers Happy.”

Whether it’s on Twitter, or on our user forums, or on the phone in the support department, one of the most common questions we get from our customers is this: “When will LiquidPlanner be available for Android?” And we hear you guys loud and clear. After spending months on building a quality HTML5 Mobile App, you can imagine how disappointed we were to find that it just did not perform to the level of our high standards. So we’ve made the decision to pull the HTML5 app from our roster.

However, there’s some good news here. We’ve learned a lot from our mistakes, and we’re leveraging that knowledge to build up our newest recruit – the native Android App. We’re already deep into the process of getting this ready for release, and we can’t wait for all of our Android customers to be able to access LiquidPlanner on the go.

We really appreciate your patience, but don’t worry: the Android Native App is on deck, and it’s almost game time.*

*We also appreciate your patience while we make as many sports comparisons as possible in this blog post.