Upgraded Android App for LiquidPlanner Lets You Do More Planning

Tatyana Sussex | December 2, 2013

left Image

Our updated Android app is here! And there are two significant improvements we’d like to trumpet:

  1. The Android app now supports tablets and screens of many sizes.
  2. This version is more interactive than ever. We added the Edit Panel, Checklists and the schedule bars so you can manage and update projects on the go.

Here’s a show-and-tell of the highlights of this latest version – seasonal spin included. (The following screen shots are from a 7” tablet.)

Schedule bar view

You can now see the schedule bars for a project and get an overview of your project at large – as long as your screen is over 5 inches.

 android_schede bar

Edit Panel

To see the Edit Panel, tap a project item or a schedule bar and the panel slides in from the right side of your screen. You can make changes in many of the fields – from reassigning a task to updating the status and changing the time estimation.

android _ edit panel


You can now create and add checklists, and assign them to a task owner if applicable.

android checklists

Viewing and attaching documents

The app lets you open and view almost any kind of file that’s already uploaded into a task or project. From your end, you can upload a photo from your phone or tablet and attach it to a workspace item.

android upload photo

Another added goodie: You can reprioritize tasks and Packages, Projects or Sub-folders with a simple drag-and-drop. Just tap Prioritize and go for it.

More power to the user

This Android app makes it easier for you to take a tablet or phone to meetings and make significant plan updates – and manage projects away from the office and on the go.

The new LP Android app is supported on Android OS versions 3.2 and above. If you have these versions, you’ll see an update notification on your device.

To download the app, head to the Google Playstore or Amazon App Store for Android.