[Video] Got 5 Minutes? Take the LiquidPlanner Crash Course

Alison Clancy | October 4, 2012

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You’re probably aware that we’ve been making some big changes around here, thanks to LiquidPlanner 4.1. And with any new release comes new design, new featuresnew webinars, and you guessed it: new videos! That’s why I’m proud to present our latest video, LiquidPlanner 4.1: Crash Course. This video was designed for even the busiest project manager who wants to learn about LiquidPlanner and our recent updates, including Status ReportsMy Work, and more. We’ll bet you a whole shiny penny that you’ll learn something new!

Behind the Scenes

Fun fact: We made the video above completely in-house. Why did we decide to do that, and more importantly, how? Listen in as Charles and Evan discuss what hardware and software they used in the making of Crash Course, and find out how the recording process really went.

UPDATE: A more recent version of LiquidPlanner has been released since we wrote this post. Check out our new training videos here.