Video: LiquidPlanner Favorite Feature

Tatyana Sussex | July 23, 2014

liquidplanner favorite feature
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We’ve been cruising around the LiquidPlanner offices, asking team members about their favorite LP feature.

See what Program Manager Nick Smith depends on to manage his project schedule:

Estimating in ranges is a LiquidPlanner differentiator, so we like to talk about it. Here are more benefits to estimating in ranges using best-case/worst case scenarios:

  • Realistic schedules: Ranged estimates capture the amount of uncertainty associated with each task. If the range is quite large, the amount of uncertainty is high. If the range is small, the task duration is relatively certain.
  • Reliable projects:  Estimating in realistic ranges is one of the single best and easiest things you can do to improve your project outcomes.
  • Improved processes and communication: Ranged estimation will change your team’s perspective on work and scheduling and move conversations from uncomfortable negotiations to open and honest dialogue about requirements and ways to work together constructively to get rid of uncertainty.
  • Diligent risk management: Estimating in ranges is a transformative shift forward in project management thinking and is an excellent method for managing risk.

What’s your favorite LP feature?