Bruce Henry | January 28, 2008

SM OMG What Is That
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SM John Cook Is BoredI’m writing from the stage at DEMO.

Yes. The stage.

John Cook from the PI who has been following our DEMO launch experience is as bored as we are. We were supposed to have our rehearsal around 3:45 but it is now 5:30 and it looks like we’ll be going next. Stacy, a member of the staff, has been keeping us posted on the progress. She’s a sweetie!

The hold up appears to have been this weird car thingie in the picture below.

We don’t know what it is. But it seems to have kept us standing around for a while.

We’re miked now and ready to roll. So I’m gonna save this and get ready. Charles is hovering like a mother hen.

SM OMG What Is ThatHe’s bugging out because I’m blogging from the stage and we’re up in just 2:28. Yeah. Maybe I should focus on what I’m gonna have to say.

… 10 minutes later…

Okay. Well, don’t want to jinx anything but the rehearsal went alright. Not great, but pretty good.

We’re up friggen early tomorrow morning and they’ll be streaming the video live.

The demo is reset and ready to roll and I’m abandoning my laptop to the tender mercies of the DEMO technical staff (these folks are real pros).

Here we go!