Webinar Recap: Using LiquidPlanner to Collaborate with Your Team

Alison Clancy | June 29, 2012

Watching Project
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For those of you who missed our webinar on Tuesday about how to use LiquidPlanner for easy collaboration, don’t fret! Here are the major points we went over in the webinar, along with some resources that will help you understand each feature a bit better:

1. Watching

Ah, “Watching.” It’s one of those LiquidPlanner features that can tend to fly under the radar. Though it may sound just a tad creepy, “watching” a task or container (projects, sub-folders or packages) will allow you to keep tabs on things in the project plan that aren’t assigned to you, but may be important to you in other ways. When you watch an item, you will receive email notifications when it is updated. Binoculars are not included.

Watching Project

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In today’s world, you might have one team member in Boston, one in Seattle, and another in London. With LiquidPlanner, collaborating across the pond is simple with Comments. Designed in the style of Twitter, you can add comments to any plan item and address them to specific team members just by adding the @ symbol in front of your team member’s user name.  Comments can include any rich-text content, including images. When a comment is added to a plan item, the owner of that item, plus anybody specifically addressed in the comment, will get an email notification.

Workspace Comments

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3. Details Page

The beauty is in the details, right? In LiquidPlanner, all of the details come together on the Details page, which includes a Description, any attached Comments, Notes, Links and Documents. Another beautiful thought: everything related to your project is all in one place, which means you’ll never have to frantically search through your Inbox again for that spreadsheet or those notes from the meeting.

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4. Files

In LiquidPlanner, you can attach files directly to any item in your plan.

Document Upload Box

Files can be attached from a local directory, or attached directly from your Box account. Box’s advanced document management features include desktop sync, document versioning, document permissions, and more. Now you can leverage them right from your workspace!

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5. Email Integration

LiquidPlanner can turn your inbox into an ally instead of an enemy. By using our Email Integration feature, you can:

  • Send email from LiquidPlanner to others on your team requesting task or timesheet updates
  • Receive Email Notifications about upcoming tasks and recent changes
  • Reply to Email Notifications
  • Create new tasks via email and much more

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6. Project Portals

Like the “Watch” feature, Project Portals are a customer favorite that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. They’re secure project “mini-sites” designed for collaborating with people outside of your workspace (this could be contractors, clients, etc). Portals can be used to share documents or project updates, comments and more – all in one great-looking view.

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Collaboration FAQ


Now that we’ve gone over the main points made in the webinar, are you feeling like a Collaborator Appreciator or do you still have questions? That’s great if you’re in the latter category, because our customers had some questions on Tuesday as well, as you can see from some of the actual submissions below:

Q: Do you have any integration with Google Docs or Dropbox?

A: Not at this time, but we will continue to consider integrations based on customer demand and compatibility with LiquidPlanner.

Q:  Can you address comments to teams?

A:  Yes, and you can also address comments to everyone in the workspace using the @All convention.

Q: Can I see a summary of all comments for a specific project?

A:  Yes, just select the project and click “Comments” in the view gallery.  In the same way, you can view all files for the project by clicking “Files” in the view gallery.

Q:  My client sent me an email related to an existing LP task.  Can I associate that email to the task in LP?

A: Yes, you can forward the email to the task’s LP address.  The content of your email will land as a comment on that task.

Q: When I receive a comment notification via email, do I have to go find that comment in LP in order to reply to it?

A: No, the email notification will have a Reply link in the body, or you can just use your email Reply function. Either way, your reply email will land as a new comment on that task in LP.