Introducing Card View


Card View is visual, agile, fully customizable and the only tool that fully integrates your project portfolio and schedule with a personalized board view. See all of your projects and tasks in a whole new way.


Key features and benefits


It’s visual.

Instead of a long list of tasks, Card View lets you group together similar items, and then follow them as they move through the project plan. This gives you a more tactile experience, similar to using a white board or sticky notes.


It’s agile.

With Card View, your team gets the functionality of traditional Kanban boards, plus much more. Use Card View to run your stand up meetings, review a portfolio of projects, or move tasks through a custom workflow.


It’s customizable.

Use Custom Fields for projects and tasks to set up any type of Card View you like. This makes it easy for your team to visualize its work across multiple dimensions. Filter by owner, status, or client for even more control.

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More New Features: Multi-Owner and Partial-Day Events.

card-view-icon-calendar card-view-icon-clock card-view-icon-people

Here by popular demand: Multi-Owner and Partial-Day Events. These two new scheduling features let you plan meetings and events in LiquidPlanner more efficiently than ever – giving you a more accurate and realistic view of your schedule and all the ways you do business.

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