Bulk Edit & Move

Bulk Edit & Move
 The Bulk Editor can be found in Portfolio View, Package Views, Project Views, all Grid Views


Select items for editing in Priority & Grid views #

Bulk editing in Portfolio and Project views

Use the Bulk Editor to edit or move multiple items at once while in Portfolio, Package, Project and Grid Views.

Select items to engage the Bulk Editor and display the action buttons:

Check the box at the left side of the plan item name.

Select a block of items by checking the box for the first item, then hold down the Shift key while selecting the last one.

Select Projects using the drop down menu to Select All or Unselect All while in Portfolio view, Package views and Grids set to Projects.

Select Tasks by status with the drop down menu in Project View and Grid views set to Tasks. In Project view, check the box to Expand top sub-folders and include nested tasks in your selection.

Hover over the action button to see what it does. Each of the buttons are explained below. To learn about moving items, scroll down to the last section.


Bulk Editor Action Buttons #

Checking boxes to the left of the item name engages the Bulk Editor and reveals action buttons at the top of the view.

Actions for Editing Projects

Bulk Editor Action Buttons for projects

Move, Edit, Delete, Copy Link, Clear Selection.

Actions for Editing Tasks

Bulk Editor Action Buttons for Tasks

ASAP Scheduling, Task Status, Move, Edit, Add Assignment, Swap Assignments, Delete, Copy Link, Clear Selection.

Actions for Editing Assignments in Grid View

Bulk Editor Action Buttons for Assignments in Grid View

Edit, Swap Assignments, Delete, Clear Selection


Bulk Edit up to 50 items at a time #

Bulk Editor Edit button and modal. Edit up to 50 items at a time

Use Edit and update 50 items at a time. Adjust the view by changing column widths. Scroll to the right to see more columns. Click into a field to edit. Each field can be updated with a unique value or you can make the same change by using the blue drag handle to paste cell contents down a column. Saving your changes closes the Editor.

The following can be edited:

Edit Projects: Project Name, Description, Project Status, Target Start, Target Finish, At Finish, Project Data Fields.

Edit Tasks: Task Name, Description, Task Status, ASAP Scheduling, Target Start, Target Finish, At Finish, Assignment Scheduling, Task Data Fields.

Edit Assignments: Assigned To, Assignment Done, Low Estimate, High Estimate, Cost Code, Tracking Only.

Data Fields are available in PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE Plans.

Editing is disabled when more than 50 items are selected. Uncheck boxes to reduce the number of items.


Bulk Add Assignment #

Bulk Editor Add Assignment Button

Add Assignment to open the Bulk Assignment Editor and create the same assignment on multiple tasks. Select a Member, Resource or Placeholder, name the assignment and enter a best case – worst case estimate. Check the box for Tracking Only when you need to track time, but you don’t need Predictive Scheduling to calculate dates.

Set a Cost Code if you know which one should be used when tracking time. If your workspace has a Default Cost Code enabled in the Workspace Settings under Administration, leave the Cost Code field blank and the default will be applied automatically when the assignment is created.



Swap Assignments on up to 50 tasks at a time #

Bulk Editor Swap Assignments button and modal

Use Swap Assignments to change task assignments on up to 50 tasks. Click into the Re-assign To field on the right to select a Member, Resource or Placeholder. You may also choose “Unassigned.”

Here’s how it works: Swapping from Person A to Person B takes ALL of Person A’s active assignments for the selected tasks and assigns them to Person B.

If time has been tracked: If Person A has tracked time to an assignment, swapping will mark their assignment done and create a new one for Person B.

After the swap: Swapped Assignments have the swapped icon in the Re-assign To column, making it easy to track changes as you go along.

Swap Assignments is disabled when more than 50 tasks are selected. Uncheck boxes to reduce the number of items.


Delete items  #

Bulk Editor Delete button and warning

When deleting you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice by clicking the red “Delete” button. Deleting immediately moves the item from the current view into the Changes view. Deleted items are retained up to 90 days for paid accounts and 30 days on the FREE Plan. Learn more about deleting items in the Changes View lesson.


Copy Link #

Bulk Editor Copy link button and link example

Use Copy Link to share an item with other workspace members. Anyone who has access to the item will be able to use the link.


ASAP Scheduling #

Bulk Editor ASAP Schedule Rush button and priority override options

Use the Schedule Rush action button to apply ASAP Scheduling and change the schedule priority for selected tasks. Go to the lesson about ASAP Task Scheduling to learn about changing schedule priority.


Change Task Status #

Bulk Editor Task Status button and task status example list

Change the Task Status for selected items. See the Task Status lesson to learn more.


Moving Projects, Sub-Folders and Tasks #

Bulk Editor Move Button and modal

Select the items you want to move, and use the Move action button in the Bulk Editor to open the Move modal.

Items can move to a new container, or they can be moved to the top or bottom of their current container.

Projects can be moved to Packages.
Sub-Folders can be nested into other Sub-Folders or moved to a different Project.
Tasks can be moved to other Sub-Folders and Projects.

Plan items can be moved to Scheduled, Pending and Archived Collections.

Use the up arrow to change location

Move modal windows. Move items to another project, package or collection.

Check the box to Include Done items if you want to move an item that has been marked done, or move items into a container that has been marked done.

Use the Quick Filter to find one of the containers in the list by name.

Choose a new location for your items by navigating up the hierarchy with the arrow at the top of the modal.

Click on a container name to select it as the new location.

Move to Bottom or Move to Top

Move items to the top or bottom of the final destination

After selecting the new location, choose Move to Bottom or Top. The modal will close and return you to the previous view. Navigate to the new location if you need to edit or prioritize the plan items you just moved.