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Find Value in Project Estimation and Tracking


Let’s face it: Every project involves an amount of uncertainty — especially in Engineering and R&D.

With the Scheduling Engine, we convert data points from project priorities, ranged effort estimates, and resource availability into a powerful tool that helps you answer the question “when?” with incredible accuracy. When will my project be done? When can my team take on more work?


Learn how Cognex, a leading industrial machinery manufacturer, uses LiquidPlanner to optimize project efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.


How We Help Engineering and R&D Teams

Efficiently Track Time and Manage Effort

Make time tracking simple for your team with integrated timers and timesheets that can be easily reviewed and approved. With the ability to track billing and pay rates, quantify the return on your team’s time investments and make informed decisions.

Collaboratively Set Project- and Task-Level Priorities

With drag-and-drop prioritization at the project and task level, and cross-portfolio visibility, all stakeholders and collaborators can easily view and adjust company priorities together.

Better Manage Project and Schedule Uncertainty

Your team’s estimation of effort in your smart schedule helps you manage schedule uncertainty by accounting for those best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Automate Resource Management

With automated resource leveling, LiquidPlanner manages how much work is on each team member’s plate, provides better visibility, and makes it easy to assign work and load balance in real-time.

Create Detailed Dashboard Views for Stakeholders

Create detailed, customizable high-level views to help visualize key data, share relevant project information with workspace members, stakeholders, and external collaborators, or manage your own work.

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