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Project Management Health Check

Most teams are using the wrong project management tool – and it’s killing their chances of success. If yours is one of them, this nine-question multiple-choice assessment can help you get to the bottom of what’s wrong with your PM system.

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How to Manage Chaos

Every month, project management expert Elizabeth Harrin fields readers’ questions about the challenges, risks, and rewards of project work on the LiquidPlanner blog. We’ve compiled our favorite columns in this ebook.

State of Project Management in Manufacturing

Every delay, machinery breakdown, and defective product adds up and, ultimately, hurts the bottom line. However, following structured project management methods can help companies reduce delays, stay on budget, and deliver quality products.

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Quick Product Tips | Resource Workload Report

The Resource Workload Report offers the best visual representation of how work is spread across the resources in your workspace. Team members can be grouped and work can be quickly reassigned in this view to allow you to effortlessly balance the workloads of resources with similar skill sets.

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Tracking Your Goals in LiquidPlanner Using OKRs

Have you identified your 2020 goals yet? In this webinar, we’ll introduce the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) that has helped many successful organizations such as Google and Intuit better define and measure their aspirational objectives.

How to Save a Failing Project

Is Your Project in Trouble? Get Back on Track with These Five Steps In this webinar, you will learn the following: The common reasons why projects fail and how to spot a project in trouble What steps to take to save a failing project and tools that can support you along the way How to

Tracking Your Project Costs Webinar

Forecasting and tracking the project costs is a key tenet of project management. Project costing can help you weigh the anticipated benefits between two potential projects, govern decisions as the project progresses, and evaluate the profitability of a project. This webinar will teach you how to manage project costing using LiquidPlanner, and explore Analytics reports

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