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A Rebellious Approach to Strategic Planning

Avoid average results by including one additional step most organizations skip.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • the difference between strategic vision, strategic objectives, and tactics;
  • the best principles and crucial elements behind a smart strategic vision; and
  • the examples and guidelines of each element so you can apply them to develop your own.

About the Webinar

Business leaders know a common theory: every task must be aligned with a larger vision or resources will be wasted. However, they often believe this isn’t possible; thus, misalignment, loss of trust, wasted talent, and failed projects are the result. A proven solution exists for this problem, and you’ll learn how it works.

In this webinar, Shari Burk, founder of Vision Platform, will discuss the difference between strategic intent and strategic objectives, as well as the tactics to exploring the best approach to develop a solid plan. The trouble comes when we see strategic objectives set without solid criteria for separating the best ideas from the exciting ones that won’t move the company forward. This is a classic mistake, but one that can be avoided when these concepts are understood as separate but connected elements in an overall business framework.

Your Hosts

Shari Burk
Founder, Vision Platform, Inc.

Emily Smith
Marketing Coordinator, LiquidPlanner