From Onboarding to Expert - LiquidPlanner

From Onboarding to Expert

Optimize Your Projects and Processes Using LiquidPlanner

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • how to help identify what stage you’re at in terms of implementing and integrating LiquidPlanner into project management processes and workflow;
  • how to share key reports, dashboards, and tools that should be implemented to use LiquidPlanner to achieve your goals; and
  • how to recommend the most ideal path for implementing various new tools and processes to affect change within the organization to see positive results.

About the Webinar

Implementing a new tool can be an intimidating process. Whether you’re just getting started with LiquidPlanner or your team’s been using it for several years, LiquidPlanner can always be leveraged in new ways to optimize your projects and processes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the four customer stages and the recommended tools and reports to use at each stage to help your team make the most of LiquidPlanner. We cover topics ranging from utilization reports and baselines to critical path and more.

Your Hosts

Keiko Borkenhagen

Senior Program Manager, LiquidPlanner

MaryEllen Hunter

Customer Success Manager, LiquidPlanner