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Eat Your Frogs

This collection of our readers’ favorite career-related articles from the last decade covers everything from managing yourself to leading a team to growing in your career.

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State of Project Management in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, every delay, machinery breakdown, and defective product adds up and hurts the bottom line. However, following structured project management methods can help companies reduce delays, stay on budget, and deliver quality products.

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LiquidPlanner Security Overview

As organizations increase their use of third-party services and move critical business systems into the cloud, it is of the utmost importance that those cloud solutions meet rigorous security standards and industry best practices.

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How to Manage Chaos

Over the next 30 pages, you’ll get Elizabeth Harrin’s take on topics ranging from managing teams and expectations to keeping secrets from clients.

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Are You Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Technological innovation and manufacturing are coming together to reinvent the manufacturing industry. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Addressing Common Project Management Scenarios in LiquidPlanner

In traditional project management tools, you often need to use what-if analysis to figure out how different scenarios could impact your project in the future.

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Introduction to Dynamic Project Management

In this eBook, we’ll introduce you to dynamic project management, a way of managing projects that reflects reality and helps teams adapt quickly to the fast changes happening in and around their teams.

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Creating and Updating Your LiquidPlanner Playbook

This webinar covers how to create and update your LiquidPlanner user guide—also known as the LP Playbook!

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From Chaos to Clarity

All too often teams at high-tech companies use low-tech tools to manage their own work.

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Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Technical Projects

Knowing how to find and mitigate risk is the job of every project manager, and when done well can lead to better designed and executed projects.

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How to Solve the Top 9 Project Management Challenges

In this eBook, we give you practical tips and actions to take to solve each one of these challenges. We also show you how our project management software, LiquidPlanner, helps solve these common PM challenges.

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Tackling Uncertainty in IT Projects

Managing the hidden uncertainty in work that typically derails projects has always been a daunting task, especially for technology teams tasked with planning and executing long, complex projects.

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