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Technology teams are continually being asked to do more work with either the same or fewer resources. From creating and integrating new business applications to enabling new revenue streams, technology teams are being stretched to the limit. As technology teams scramble to meet these high expectations, traditional project management systems are letting them down. We can help.

LiquidPlanner is a dynamic project management tool that helps teams to be adaptive, and respond nimbly to shifting priorities and fast-changing market demands.

Deliver projects on time, every time

Deliver Projects on Time, Every Time

Only LiquidPlanner enables you to capture the uncertainty in your project plan by allowing your team to estimate their time in best- and worst-case ranges of time. This type of estimation changes the dynamic between your team and their customers—and creates a two-way conversation that helps set and manage expectations.

Visibility across all of your projects

Get Visibility Across All of Your Projects

LiquidPlanner provides IT decision makers with portfolio-level visibility across all of their projects so they can be more responsive to the needs of their business customers. Manage requirements for your projects using Waterfall or ad hoc methodologies—or both. Once all of your projects are loaded into LiquidPlanner, you can answer key questions about your portfolio of projects and make defensible decisions based on actual data.

Collaboration where you need it most

Collaborate Without the Noise

Being able to share information, ideas, and project data between your team and external resources has become a critical ingredient for project success. LiquidPlanner brings advanced collaboration capabilities into every workspace, but does so at the task level so every comment and note has context. This means less noise, and more time for your team to focus on its priorities.


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 LiquidPlanner saves us around 480 man days per year which equates to around $73,000. That’s at least one full time employee on a healthy salary. 


Kevin Crump
Operations Director, Micro Nav

 With LiquidPlanner, our entire team of 50 IT staff has visibility into all of a project’s estimates —a capability that did not exist before they started using LiquidPlanner. 


Jason Grovert
CTO, CalAtlantic Homes


Find out how the right project management solution can improve your relationship with your team and your stakeholders with greater visibility into when projects and tasks can realistically be completed.

Time Tracking

Resource management

How is work being assigned among your IT staff? Who’s being stretched too thin? Visibility into how your team is spending its time now and in the future is just a few clicks away with LiquidPlanner. This information helps you ensure work is evenly distributed and projects can be intelligently prioritized across your entire portfolio.


Frictionless time-tracking

IT resources can represent a significant operational cost to your business. LiquidPlanner’s easy-to-use timesheets make tracking simple for every member of your team. In combination with rate sheets for assigning costs to labor, you can measure the return on your investments of time to make sure you’re moving the needle as much as possible.

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Automated status reports

There are few things IT professionals dislike more than having to generate status reports on a weekly basis. LiquidPlanner makes manual status reporting a thing of the past since managers and the rest of your team have real-time visibility into individual task lists and project schedules.

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