LiquidPlanner Features for Software Development Teams

Flexible Planning for Every Sprint

LiquidPlanner is the tool of choice for development teams around the world.

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Workload Intelligence

Better sprint planning and execution

Unlike every other project management tool on the market, only LiquidPlanner allows you to use best- and worst-case estimates. An advanced scheduling engine rolls up all of these estimates in a given sprint and then automatically calculates the most likely date it will be completed. View workload reports on-the-fly to maximize the utility of your limited resources.

Drag-and-drop prioritization

Drag-and-drop prioritization

Even over the course of a short sprint, priorities change. Whether it’s a critical bug that needs to be squashed or a new feature that needs to be built, only LiquidPlanner allows you to reprioritize your sprint simply by dragging and dropping the tasks in your schedule. Schedules are instantly updated and expectations are expertly managed.

Smarter standups

Smarter stand-ups

Many Agile teams use LiquidPlanner as a dynamic agenda for their daily stand-ups. Team members provide their updates, note obstacles, and the scrum master makes updates to the plan in real time so everyone on your team can get back to what they want to be doing: delivering quality code.


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 LiquidPlanner’s realistic scheduling engine is the opposite of a Gantt chart, which requires users to set up a static plan in the beginning, with all direction and input from above. Our engineers know best how long a project will take, so all hours and estimates are driven by the active participants in the project. Instead of having ‘project robots,’ we put the onus of ownership on them (and the results are better follow-through). 


John Person
VP of Engineering, Tangent Engineering

 LiquidPlanner is an invaluable tool for managing limited resources against the changing requirements of our many development projects. I now have much more insight into the reality of the entire project process, allowing me to address trouble spots and move to the next element of the project more quickly. 


John Haprian,
VP of Development and Operations, Monarch Teaching Technologies


Find out how the right project management solution can improve your relationship with your team and your stakeholders with greater visibility into when projects and tasks can realistically be completed.

Bash bugs

Bash bugs and manage projects all in one place

Fixing bugs takes time and resources and is often not accounted for in sprint planning. Use LiquidPlanner to work bugs alongside other tasks, or if you have your own dedicated bug tracking tool, use our API to integrate with it for filing, tracking, and verifying bugs and incidents.


Stay connected with your remote team members

Whether you’re working with developers across the globe or team members working from home, you need a tool that embeds rich collaboration capabilities at the level of each task. LiquidPlanner enables you to share everything that relates to your sprint so everyone stays on the same page.

Card View

Visualize team effectiveness and plan accordingly

Kanban boards have become a popular way for Agile teams to organize and prioritize their tasks. LiquidPlanner Card View takes this concept to the next level, providing Agile teams with a highly intuitive way to manage and assign their tasks in a collaborative fashion.

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