LiquidPlanner for iOS

The era of managing a portfolio of projects from the palm of your hand is here. And to answer these new work demands, we enhanced the LiquidPlanner 4.0 iOS update with significantly more feature options for iPhone and iPad users.

This latest upgrade not only comes closer to mirroring the online LiquidPlanner service, but provides the level of scheduling, document sharing and commenting that LiquidPlanner managers and team members want at a moment’s notice from their mobile devices.

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“I’d been searching high and low for a good planning product and this has been perfect – especially with the iPad app.”

Cindy Couture, Grad School Student


Key Features

The LiquidPlanner 4.0 update is for iPhones and iPads. Our updated version works on any iPhone running iOS 6. The app also supports iPhone 5’s larger screens. See the full list of updates on our support page.

Brand new LiquidPlanner 4.0 edit panel

The updated edit panel gives you hands-on access to change custom fields. Now, you can update time estimates, mark a project Done, reassign ownership and lots more. Plus, the design now resembles LP’s web version.

Create packages, projects and folders

In the earlier iOS versions you could add tasks, but only view existing packages and projects. Now, you can create new packages, projects and folders to your heart’s content. Plus, the Home screen gives access to add new items to your Inbox.

Priority drag-and-drop, and checklists

This update lets you drag-and-drop and prioritize items from all your LiquidPlanner app views: packages, projects, folders and tasks. Also new, our much-loved checklists – fill in your list items and assign them out as well.

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