Multiple Owners


Multiple Owners brings a more streamlined approach to teamwork.

When team members are working together on a task, you need to account for everyone’s work in one place.

With Multiple Owners, several team members can be assigned to the same task, each with their own estimates, timelines and tracking history. It’s a more accurate way to plan tasks and ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities.

Collaboration is key. When all updates, comments, documents and progress are logged to the same item by multiple people, your whole team benefits. There are fewer individual tasks to create in your plan, so items are easier to locate and manage, and reporting is streamlined.

With Multiple Owners and LiquidPlanner, you can be confident that the efforts of every team member are precisely accounted for, and that your schedule is always updated, accurate and reliable.

How it works

Create a task, add owners, estimate their effort and set the activity. LiquidPlanner’s powerful scheduling engine does the rest by scheduling out the task based on the best-case/worst-case estimates, the owners’ availability and the priority of the task in relation to others.

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  • Calculates start and finish dates that reflect estimates from all the contributors
  • Keeps team members accountable for their work by increasing visibility
  • Enhances transparency by adding owners as time is logged to tasks
  • Makes it easier to find comments, notes and documents


UI Updates

With Multiple Owners, you’ll notice important changes to our UI that make the edit panel easier to navigate, and important information in the Project tab more accessible. Want to learn more? Read our release notes for in-depth information.

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