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LiquidPlanner & P3 Group Partner to Accelerate Project Management

LiquidPlanner & P3 Group Partner to Accelerate Dynamic Project Management

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Partnership Formed in Response to Industry 4.0 Impact on Manufacturing

Seattle—LiquidPlanner, developers of dynamic project management software, and P3 Group, a global manufacturing consultancy, today announced a partnership to deliver project management software and accelerate deployments for manufacturing customers worldwide. The partnership was created to help manufacturers dynamically rebalance tasks as priorities or schedules evolve. LiquidPlanner and P3 commit to delivering the product enhancements and operational expertise manufacturers deserve.

“With Industry 4.0, IoT and 3D Printing, manufacturers face a tidal wave of complexity,” said Liz Pearce, LiquidPlanner CEO. “They require the ability to navigate multidimensional, fluid relationships between people, priorities and effort. LiquidPlanner delivers the dynamic rebalancing manufacturers require. P3 is uniquely qualified to help accelerate deployments, assess manufacturers’ processes and goals and partner with manufacturers to help deliver complex projects.”

“We know from our experience with manufacturers that they face project management challenges like no other sector, such as machine down time, constrained resources, and frequent re-prioritization,” said Dr. Samit Ghosh, President and CEO of P3 North America. “After evaluating several tools, it became clear that LiquidPlanner’s methodology best allows P3 professionals to integrate technology and expertise to help our clients advance their businesses through project management.”

“Manufacturers use LiquidPlanner more extensively than other industries”, said Nick Smith, Lead Product Manager at LiquidPlanner. “We focused on their requirements and improved their ability to evaluate shifting, fluid scenarios and see the results in seconds.”

“My team manages 100 percent of our work in LiquidPlanner”, said Jim Mendenhall, Production Engineering Manager for Zahner, “In our industry of constantly changing deadlines and priorities, their project management application is a very effective tool to identify potential bottlenecks and easily optimize our resources. We are currently rolling out LiquidPlanner vertically into other departments in the company.”

LiquidPlanner delivers the project management tool that evaluates relationships between priorities, resources and effort, providing companies realistic plans that adapt to change while maintaining quality and schedules. LiquidPlanner helps teams organize tasks by priority, make best case/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location, so every project is current. This new approach helps teams adapt to unknowns, uncertainties, and unforeseen circumstances common in today’s complex work.

About LiquidPlanner

Founded in 2007, LiquidPlanner is dynamic project management software for modern business. Our award-winning project management software and patented scheduling technology enables more than 1,800 midmarket and enterprise technology, IT, and manufacturing teams to plan, track, collaborate, and analyze hundreds of projects in real-time. LiquidPlanner is privately held and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information about our innovative solution, please visit For company news and updates, visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

About P3

P3 is a global consulting, management and engineering services company, with a rapidly growing team of more than 3,500 consultants and engineers working to develop and implement innovative solutions to today’s complex technology challenges. Offering a broad portfolio of services and proprietary tools to the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and energy industries, P3 adds tangible value that helps clients succeed at every stage, from innovation to implementation. In the Americas, P3 has offices in Morristown, N.J; Detroit, Mich.; Dallas, Texas; Greenville, S.C.; Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Wash.; Mississauga and Montreal, Canada; and Mexico City, Mexico. For more information, please visit P3 Group

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