Professional Edition

LiquidPlanner Professional Edition

Perfect for teams of 10 or more that manage complex projects and resources.

Designed to manage comprehensive project portfolios.
Includes dashboards and analytics.


per user / per month

(billed annually / 10-user minimum)

LiquidPlanner Professional edition is custom-made for teams of 10 or more who need a reliable way to organize and track work, collaborate on tasks, create realistic project schedules and share data with external stakeholders. Professional edition blends our core features like automated scheduling, resource management, task management, collaboration and time tracking with analytics, dashboards and API access.


Priority Based Scheduling

Priority-Driven Scheduling

LiquidPlanner makes it easy for teams and individuals to know what their top priority work is every day. To prioritize work, simply place projects and tasks in the desired order and LiquidPlanner’s scheduling engine creates a schedule—which includes predictive finish dates. Every time you update the priority of work items, you can see how that change effects the schedule—from a single project to the entire portfolio.

Advanced Collaboration

Advanced Collaboration

Our collaboration features give teams visibility into what everyone is working on, and lets you collaborate on everything from larger initiatives to task-level details. Make comments, follow tasks, access conversation streams to track project storylines; share documents and see the history of all your task activities.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Tracking time and logging progress is not only easy and convenient—but our time tracking feature is integrated with the project schedule. Another important thing to know is that the data generated by tracking project time is your ticket to running reliable and updated reports, and powering data-driven business strategy. As you track time, your schedule becomes more accurate, which helps you plan, anticipate risks, build trust and improve relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Task Management

Task Management

Being able to organize work and track progress is a foundation of project success. LiquidPlanner gives teams a central location to organize work, collaborate seamlessly, share and edit documents and run reports. Other pluses include being able to gain insight and visibility into progress and how specific work relates to the bigger picture. Our scheduling engine automatically updates with every change, so your plan is always up to date—a good way to stay ahead of the competition.

Onboarding Assistance

We know that change is hard. That’s why the Quick Start Onboarding program is included in the Professional edition. Our Customer Success team will get an understanding of your team’s goals and challenges and then guide you in three training or consulting sessions of your choice. We’ll help you get started with the right processes from day one and ensure that your team is set up for success.


Multi-project, Multi-user Workspace Included Included Included
Predictive Scheduling Included Included Included
Dynamic Gantt Charts Included Included Included
Comments within Tasks Included Included Included
Time Tracking Included Included Included
Budget Tracking Included Included Included
Advanced Email Integration Included Included Included
Tags Included Included Included
To Do List Included Included Included
Max Effort Included Included Included
Export Timesheet Data Included Included Included
iPhone and Android Apps Included Included Included
Virtual Members 5 25 50
Active Tasks 250 2000 Unlimited
Document Storage 5GB 100GB 500GB
Integrations Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
Included Included
Card View Included Included
Active Clients 100 Unlimited
API Access Included Included
Advanced Analytics Included Included
Internal Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited
External Dashboards 10 Unlimited
Custom Fields 20 50
Resource Workload Report Included
Expenses Included
Single Sign-On Included

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