Release 76

Release Date: March 11, 2017

The introduction of Token-based API Authentication in Release 76 provides more flexibility and security to LiquidPlanner API users. In this release, we also implemented some small enhancements, bug fixes, internal tools and back-end improvements which will pave the way for new features in upcoming releases.


  • NEW: Workspace members can now view, create, enable, disable and delete their API tokens.
  • To manage your API tokens, go to User Menu > Settings > My API Tokens.
  • Unlike Basic Authentication, API tokens don’t use a member email address or password.
  • Multiple tokens can be active at the same time.
  • No member can view or manage other members’ tokens.
My API Tokens


  • NEW: Report_type parameter has been added to API Reports request.
  • CHANGED: Invoices and paid receipts are now sent from: “LiquidPlanner, Inc.” <>. However, all replies will still return to: <>.


  • FIXED: Inherited tags now get correctly removed from moved or re-packaged items.
  • FIXED: In Project Portals, the Date Drift tab is no longer highlighted when another tab is selected.
  • FIXED: SSO users no longer receive a “You have no password in LiquidPlanner” error message upon login when they are added to an externally shared dashboard.
  • FIXED: The workspace owner’s access level can no longer be changed by an administrator.

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