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As a SaaS company, we understand the struggles of software teams intimately. 

With LiquidPlanner, we help teams solve for lack of visibility across the project portfolio, alignment gaps in sprint planning and iteration roadmaps, resource management, and so much more.


Learn how inDinero, an accounting software company, uses LiquidPlanner to deliver amazing customer experiences.


How We Help Software Teams

Increased Visibility Across Project Portfolio

With all of your projects in one place, you get instant insight into status, risks, and budgets across the entire portfolio. And with a number of views and dashboards, stakeholders and collaborators can easily identify relevant information and trends over time.

Improved Sprint Planning and Modeling

Our methodology supports loose agile and waterfall workflows, with one major differentiator: With our Scheduling Engine, LiquidPlanner automatically updates sprint progress at the task- and project-level across your entire portfolio as they’re worked on in real-time.

Ability to Better Manage Resource Availability

With automated resource leveling, LiquidPlanner manages how much work is on each team member’s plate, provides better visibility, and makes it easy to assign work and load balance in real-time.

Create Detailed Dashboard Views for Stakeholders

Create detailed, customizable high-level views to help visualize key data, share relevant project information with workspace members, stakeholders, and external collaborators, or manage your own work.

One Place to Track Bugs and Tasks

Use the power of LiquidPlanner to manage bugs right alongside other tasks. Have your own bug tracking tool? Connect it with our open API and file, track, and verify bugs and incidents with ease.

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