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Experience an easier and more natural way of gaining confidence with a new solution. LiquidPlanner comes with a built-in academy that helps you “learn while doing” in the product. Learn the product while taking your projects to the next level.

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Predictive Scheduling

Learn how you can forecast when work will be done with our predictive scheduling engine that dynamically adapts to change in real-time.


Balanced Workload

See how you can eliminate overloading people and resources and improve utilization with automatic resource-leveling across your project portfolio.


Perfect Prioritization

Address project risks and manage your team and resources with a system that orders your Projects, Tasks and Assignments using structured prioritization.


Ranged Estimates

Learn how to capture uncertainty in your project plans from the start using ranged estimates and watch the schedule update automatically as scope changes.


Time Management

Learn how time tracking and task management are connected to project schedules. Know where time is going and meet your project deadlines.


Intelligent Insights

Learn how you can leverage data-driven insights to improve project performance and better support key decisions in your project portfolio.


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LPN Building Blocks - Smart Estimation

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 – Jerome, The LionFish Co.

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