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Convert an Item

The Convert Item feature allows you to quickly change a plan item from one type to another (with some limitations). For instance, if you create a task called “Contract Signed” and decide later that it should be a milestone instead, you can easily convert the task to a milestone and the item’s content will be carried over.

Via the Edit Menu

  1. On the Projects tab, select the item to convert.
  2. Click on Edit Menu > Convert Item.

Via the Edit Panel

Plan items can also be converted via the Edit Panel:


Allowed Item Types

Below are the plan items that can be converted, and what type of item they can be converted to:

Item: Can be converted to:
Task Milestone, Full-Day and Partial-Day Event
Milestone Task, Full-Day and Partial-Day Event
Full-Day Event Task, Milestone, Partial-Day Event
Partial-Day Event Task, Milestone, Full-Day Event
Sub-Folder Project

Important Notes

Here are some things to keep in mind when converting certain types of plan items:

  • When converting a multiple owner partial-day event into a task, each owner will be given an assignment with an estimate equal to the duration of the event. For example, a multiple-owner partial day event on 12/26 from 9-11am, would be turned into a task with assignments of 2-2 hours for each owner.  If the event is set to recur, the task will have an estimate equal to the duration of all  events in the cycle. For example, a partial-day event set to recur on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-10 am for 3 weeks would be converted into a task with an estimate of 6-6 hours for each owner.
  • Recurring partial-day events converted into milestones or full-day events will fall on the event’s Start [E].
  • Full day events and milestones assigned to “everyone” that are converted to tasks are “unassigned.”
  • Converting a sub-folder to a project can’t be undone. It is not possible to convert a project back to a sub-folder.


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