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Creating a Project from Salesforce

Available with Professional and Enterprise

LiquidPlanner’s listing on the Salesforce AppExchange will be removed by end of 2017. Current customers who have downloaded and configured the app may continue using it, but there will be no further updates.

Once the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce is installed, and the Account and/or Opportunity Page Layouts have been updated, Account and Opportunity records will have a new section entitled (in the example below, you can see LP Projects Section is the chosen title).  In that section, a new project can be created in LiquidPlanner or an existing project can be pulled in from LiquidPlanner.    

SFDC LP proj section

Create a new LiquidPlanner Project from Salesforce

Click the Create LiquidPlanner Project button (shown above), then complete relevant fields in the form:


Click Create Project button.  That’s it – your project has been created in the Inbox of your selected LiquidPlanner workspace!

After clicking Create Project, project details will immediately appear on the Salesforce Account (or Opportunity) Record.  This information will get updated as changes are made to the project in LiquidPlanner.

SFDC scroll 1
SFDC scroll 2

In LiquidPlanner, the new project was created in the Inbox.

  • When necessary, a new LiquidPlanner client is created and associated to the project automatically.  The client is the Account name from Salesforce.
  • The project owner will receive a LiquidPlanner email notification to alert him/her of the new project assignment.  NOTE: this notification will always say that the project was created by the person who’s credentials are used on the LP Configuration screen, regardless of who really created the project.
  • The LiquidPlanner project manager should then move the project out of the Inbox and put it in its proper priority location, reassign it if necessary, and build it out with tasks, estimates, notes, etc.

Pull an existing LiquidPlanner Project into Salesforce

Existing projects that have been created in LiquidPlanner can also be associated with Salesforce Accounts or Opportunities.

To pull an existing project into Salesforce, click the Connect to Existing LiquidPlanner Project button from the Account or Opportunity record in Salesforce.

SFDC connect

Narrow your criteria, or just click the Search button to select a project from the pick list. Then, click Associate Project.

SFDC search proj

The “LiquidPlanner Projects” Tab

This tab gets installed automatically along with the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce.  If you don’t see it, just click the + sign on the tab bar, then click Add a Tab.

SFDC add tab

The LiquidPlanner Projects tab shows a list of all LiquidPlanner projects, with some high level stats for each one:


From this page:

  • Click on the column headers to sort by the desired detail.
  • The Project Name is hyperlinked to the project in the LiquidPlanner workspace.
  • Click on the Account or Opportunity name and it will bring you to the corresponding record in Salesforce.
  • See Active, Done or All projects at once (use the green button to refresh).
  • Download project data to a spreadsheet.

The data seen in Salesforce (on the Account/Opportunity records and the LiquidPlanner Projects Tab) is updated in real-time as projects progress in LiquidPlanner.  Dates and numbers are based on effort estimates and time tracking entries that were added to the project in LiquidPlanner. These updates will continue to happen in real time, and they flow only from LiquidPlanner into Salesforce. It is not possible to update projects from Salesforce.


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