LiquidPlanner Basics

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CLASSIC LiquidPlanner

Pre-Spring 2021

For customers planning with our original product.

NEW LiquidPlanner

Launched Spring 2021

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LiquidPlanner automatically creates an LP ID number for every plan item in your workspace, which includes packages, projects, sub-folders, tasks, and clients. ID numbers can be useful for reference purposes or to search and locate an item quickly in LiquidPlanner.

Item ID in the Edit Panel

You can view the Item ID number in the Edit Panel for any item.


ID Column in the Projects Tab

You can expose the ID number in the Projects tab by clicking on the gear icon, or right-clicking anywhere in the column header to expose the ID column.

Item ID in Analytics

The ID number can also be referenced in Analytics reports by choosing ID from the column picker:

ID numbers are also included in the Timesheet Export.

Search Using Item ID

To quickly locate a plan item using the ID number, just type or paste the ID number into the Search field.



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