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The Quick Filter | LP Classic Support

The Quick Filter allows you to locate items within the plan structure.  This filter is affected by other filters, which means if you’re already filtered to a certain set of data, you’ll search only within that set of data – not the entire project plan.

On the Projects tab, the Quick Filter narrows the structure down to plan item titles containing the term entered in the Quick Filter field. In the example below the plan is filtered to Active Items that Chris owns, as well as the Quick Filter term, “edit”.

Plan items can also be filtered by Tag using the Quick Filter. Enter a hashtag (#) directly followed by the tag name.

The Quick Filter is available on the Projects tab, Timesheets, and your Calendar (located on the Home tab). Use the Quick Filter to locate plan items (Tasks, Milestones, Full-Day or Partial-Day Events), by their title, container, or Client association.

Trash also has a Quick Filter – which makes it even easier to recover deleted items!

The Quick Filter is “sticky” and your plan will remain filtered to this term until you clear it using the “x”. On the Projects tab it can also be cleared using the Reset View button on the toolbar.