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Salesforce Integration Overview

Available with Professional and Enterprise

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The LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce bridges the communication gap between sales teams using Salesforce and project teams using LiquidPlanner. The beauty of this integration is that it shares important information seamlessly between sales and project teams – providing real-time visibility into the entire project process, including status, milestones and delivery.

Use the resources below to get up and running with the Salesforce integration:


Installing the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce

To get started, your Salesforce administrator will need to complete a one-time installation and configuration.


Creating a LiquidPlanner Project from Salesforce

Salesforce users can then create a LiquidPlanner project via the opportunity record in Salesforce.  As the project progresses, key data from LiquidPlanner will be fed back to the Salesforce opportunity record automatically, so everyone stays in the loop.


Salesforce API Integration with LiquidPlanner

Visit our Developers page to get information on using the LiquidPlanner API.


Salesforce Integration Overview was last modified: August 15th, 2016 by Zareen Maurer

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