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If you are the owner or co-owner of your LiquidPlanner workspace, these resources will help you manage your LiquidPlanner account. 

Sharing Your Workspace With LiquidPlanner Staff

LiquidPlanner staff can only see your data if you share access via your workspace settings.  Respecting your privacy is a core value, but sometimes viewing your workspace data is the best way to help you out with a support issue. Workspace administrators can provide access to the workspace via their User Menu > Settings > Workspace Settings.  Just check the box next to Grant LiquidPlanner technical support permission to view this...

Setting Up an Administrator

We highly encourage workspace owners to designate at least one additional administrator for your workspace.  This way, if the owner is absent, there is another person with the ability to perform important workspace and member admin functions. An administrator is the only person automatically capable of taking over the role of workspace owner if the original owner leaves your organization before designating a new workspace owner.  You can de...

Changing the Workspace Owner

If the current owner is still with your organization... The current owner must email to request the change. If the current owner is no longer with your organization... The change request must come from an administrator.  If your workspace does not currently have an administrator, please follow these steps: Have your internal email administrator re-route the current owner's email to an appropriate person at ...

Billing Summary and Product Upgrades

LiquidPlanner has three product plans: Small Team, Professional, and Enterprise. Visit our Pricing page to see the features offered with each plan. Workspace administrators can access subscription information in LiquidPlanner via the User Menu. Select Settings, then go to Billing and Purchasing. Billing Summary Billing Summary is an overview of your subscription details including pricing, renewal date, and recurring charges. Use the blue but...

Deleting a Workspace

Workspace owners can delete a workspace, which deletes all data in it - but beware that deleting a workspace is a one way trip! Your data is permanently lost when you delete a workspace. Before you delete your workspace, you may want to export your data for future reference. To delete your workspace, go to your User Menu > Settings > Workspace Settings.  Just click the big red "destroy your workspace" button at the bottom...

View and Download LiquidPlanner Invoices

Workspace Owners and Administrators have the ability to view and download LiquidPlanner invoices. To view recent invoices for your workspace, go to the User Menu > Settings > Billing and Purchasing > Invoices. This page will display the number, date, due date, status, and the amount of each invoice. Clicking on the invoice number will download your invoice so that it can be viewed, saved or printed. Notes If “I...

Update Billing and Payment Settings

Customers who have purchased a LiquidPlanner workspace can access Payment Settings to update billing and payment method at any point in time. Customers can also verify or update Payment Settings during any subsequent purchase or upgrade. If you were invoiced for your subscription, and you'd like to pay by credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For security reasons, LiquidPlanner staff cannot enter credit card i...