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Use these resources to learn how to import projects or export data out of your LiquidPlanner workspace.

Importing from a Spreadsheet

You can import either a single project or multiple projects into LiquidPlanner all at once by using a specially-formatted spreadsheet CSV file. This will save you time so you don't have to start from scratch when you have the information already built out in another file. The first step is to format the CSV file so it's ready to import. File Rows File rows represent the individual plan items: project folders, sub-folders, tasks, events and...

Importing MS Project Data

LiquidPlanner allows you to import data from MS Project in XML format, which means you don’t have to start from scratch after you’ve already created a file. File size: LiquidPlanner can create a maximum of 500 tasks per import.  Typically not every line item in an import file translates to a LiquidPlanner task; but you still want to bear this in mind if you have a large file to import.  With that limit as a guideline, you may have t...

Download and Print Options

This article explains some of the ways to save and print information from different views in LiquidPlanner. Print a task list Use the personal status report to get a printable view of a member’s task list for a specific date range. Go to the Home tab. In the Last Week widget, click on View My Status Report. Select a date range, like This Week. Use your browser’s print function to save or print the list. Print a project st...

Exporting Time Tracking Data

Exporting timesheet data puts all of the time entries within the parameters you set into a CSV, XML or Quickbooks-compatible file. This is useful for accounting and reporting purposes. Running the Export Workspace administrators and managers can export timesheet data as follows: Go to the Timesheets tab > Export Timesheets Use the filter tools (see filtering section below) at the top to identify the timesheet entries you want to...

Configuring Timesheet Export to QuickBooks

Quickbooks users must complete this one-time configuration to ensure that your LiquidPlanner timesheet exports are properly formatted.  After completing this process you'll be all set to export your timesheet data. Why is this configuration necessary? QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise allow you to import timesheet data using files in the IIF format.  An IIF file has a header that identifies the version of QuickBooks and the company file...

Exporting Projects and Tasks

You can run a simple export of your plan items to a CSV file with the Export Tasks to File function. Using Export Tasks to File This export is filter-aware.  It will capture the specific plan items that are exposed in the project plan when you initiate the export.  If you want to export only a subset of your project data, apply the appropriate filters first, then expand the filtered selections so all items you want exported are visible in...

Exporting Collaboration Content

Plan collaboration content - comments, checklist items, notes, documents, links - can be exported into a zip file. This export will capture the content for all of the items within the specific plan item that you have selected in the project plan when you initiate the export. The export is also filter-aware.  If you're exporting for archiving purposes, don't forget to include done items. To export, go to the Projects tab > click on...

Exporting Your Workspace Member List

To download a CSV export of all workspace members, go to the People tab Member List and click Download Member List.  The CSV file will contain the information from all of the columns on the People tab, as well as member email addresses.  Manager level access or above is required to export the member list.   Related Articles Exporting Projects and Tasks Exporting Collaboration Content Inviting People Into Your Workspace...