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Connect LiquidPlanner to the tools and services that are vital to your business. Try one of our integrations or build your own using the LiquidPlanner API.

API and Developer Resources

Take advantage of LiquidPlanner’s Developer Resources to optimize your LiquidPlanner experience. LiquidPlanner API enables you to build integrations with other tools your team uses, like Jira, Salesforce and many more. Most actions that you can perform within LiquidPlanner’s Projects Tab can be automated using the API. The API also allows you to view reporting, member information and various settings in your LiquidPlanner workspace. ...

My API Tokens

LiquidPlanner API supports two authentication methods: Token-based and Basic Access Authentication. Basic Authentication uses a member email address and password to access the LiquidPlanner API. Token-based authentication uses a unique token identifier to make authenticated API requests. Token-based authentication is the recommended method because it doesn’t use personally identifiable information. Tokens don’t need to be updated if your wor...


Webhooks are push notifications triggered by events in LiquidPlanner. Those events include the creation or update of a record. For example, an event might be the creation of a new project, updates to existing tasks, comments on those tasks, a new time entry, and more.  The notification consists of JSON code that is posted to a target URL that you specify. And then you can take that information and do whatever you want with it. You can use w...