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Preparing for Liftoff

Introducing a new tool is an exciting time! You’ve finally found a solution that will help you and your team do great work. But, there’s that lingering little detail of getting your team to adopt the new solution. Where do you start? From our experience with hundreds of onboarding engagements, customers that approach their LiquidPlanner adoption with an organized plan tend to be the most successful. Think of adopting a new tool like runnin...

Setting Up the Workspace

Setting up a workspace structure that models your workflow is key to making your team successful in LiquidPlanner. Before you do so, make sure you've got a handle on LiquidPlanner's best case / worst case scheduling approach. Below are some guidelines for building out your structure, but remember, you can always customize and change things up as your team and business evolve. Packages Packages help you organize your projects and prioritize ...

Establishing Guidelines for Team Usage

Click here to create an LP Playbook LiquidPlanner is flexible and can be molded to fit your team’s unique needs.   Once your workspace has been set up, many teams find it helpful to create a playbook to get everyone on the same page.  Communicating these rules upfront will set your team up for success and will help everyone feel comfortable with LiquidPlanner.  We recommend scheduling a kickoff meeting with your team, and sharing a tea...

Introducing LiquidPlanner to Your Team

Click here to download the PDF Communication is important when implementing any new initiative. We recommend introducing LiquidPlanner to your team in a LiquidPlanner Kickoff meeting.  Starting off with an open dialogue and clear expectations is important for buy in, adoption, and long-term satisfaction.  By helping members to understand the tool and how they will be using it, you’ll be setting the team up for success. Once you’ve se...