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User Guide for Team Members

  Welcome! This user guide is for anyone who will use LiquidPlanner for task management. These 4 steps will help you get set up in your workspace and get you on your way to cruising through your tasks! As a team member, it's common to have project after project piled onto your plate along with one-off tasks and urgent interruptions that need to be worked in somehow - likely from different clients, teams and even managers. You're runnin...

User Guide for Managers

  Welcome! This user guide is for anyone planning and monitoring projects or managing a team in LiquidPlanner. These 6 steps will get you started with LiquidPlanner so that you can lead your team with realistic schedules, status and workload visibility, and a wealth of data to drive your projects forward. As a manager, you not only need to accurately plan projects and track the status of hundreds of moving pieces, but you're also i...

User Guide for Executives

Welcome! If you’re monitoring projects run by your department or use project data to make business decisions, this guide is for you. LiquidPlanner will help you drive strategy, gain insights and plan your business. As technology teams scramble to meet high expectations, business priorities and demands on shared resources keep changing at an ever-increasing pace. You need a project management system that helps teams conquer uncertain...