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Your workspace is where all of your projects and teams work together. Use these resources to learn about workspace navigation and settings.

Workspace Tour

Your LiquidPlanner workspace allows you to schedule projects and collaborate with team members in one central and secure online location. System Requirements: LiquidPlanner is tested and supported on the latest versions of major web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer), running on major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Special plug-ins are not required. Flash is not required. Localization: At this time, LiquidPlanne...

Your Personal Profile Settings

Visit your profile settings as soon as you join a workspace to make sure your profile is set accurately and upload a profile picture so your team can easily see who you are. To update your profile, first open the User Menu. The User Menu Click on your profile photo in the top right-hand corner of the workspace to open the User Menu. Then, to access your profile page, click on My Profile. General Information You'll find the usual ...

Your Personal Notification Settings

Email notifications keep you informed of upcoming work and changes to existing work.  You set your notification preferences via your User Menu > Notifications. Recent Changes A Recent Change email is sent when certain edits are made to plan items you own, plan items that you follow, or checklist items that you own.  They are sent only when the edits are made by other people.  For obvious reasons, we don't notify you of changes that yo...

Workspace Settings

Access Workspace Settings To access the Workspace Settings, go to User Menu > Settings: Workspace Summary On the Workspace Summary page, you can see: Workspace name Your unique five or six digit workspace number The workspace owner Your access level You can also see your Workspace Status, including: The number of alerts by type in your workspace Any items with an update requested The total number of active ta...

Mobile and Browser Support

Browser Support LiquidPlanner officially supports recent versions of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mobile Support To use these mobile applications you must first have an existing LiquidPlanner account. LiquidPlanner officially supports the following mobile devices: Android iPad (iOS 7 and above) iPhone (iOS 7 and above) iOS 6 devices can use th...

LiquidPlanner Mobile App Capabilities

The LiquidPlanner mobile apps for iOS and Android enable team members to browse projects, participate in comment streams, view tasks, track time, edit or create new tasks, view attached files and more. The mobile app capabilities do not come with the full features that are available in the LiquidPlanner web application. See the chart below for the full list of which capabilities are, or are not, included in the LiquidPlanner mobile apps. Im...