May–December 2018 Updates - LiquidPlanner

May–December 2018 Updates

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In 2018, we streamlined our release rollout process so that most updates are seamless, with no downtime required. This enables us to release new features and bug fixes as they are ready.

December 2018 Updates

  • 12/18 – HOTFIX: URLs starting with fmp:// are allowed again in External Links.
  • 12/18 – HOTFIX: API track_time request no longer fails when work_performed_on parameter includes time.
  • 12/18 – FIXED: The team_name parameter is now returned by members API endpoint for disconnected members.
  • 12/18 – FIXED: Update Timesheet request link in the Time Tracking Widget on the Home Tab now redirects correctly to Timesheets page.
  • 12/13 – HOTFIX: API requests for Analytics reports data now return all the hour metrics consistently in a string format.
  • 12/12 – HOTFIX: ‘Done’ and ‘Flag’ Columns in Analytics Reports and Analytics Dashboard Widgets are now populating correctly.
  • 12/12 – HOTFIX: Selecting ‘No Client‘ in the Filter by Client on the Projects tab no longer causes an error.
  • 12/11 – Rails has been upgraded to version 5.0. For proper security and maintenance, we have upgraded LiquidPlanner to a more current version of the Rails framework.
  • 12/11 – HOTFIX: To Do Items are no longer prevented from being edited and marked done.
  • 12/11 – HOTFIX: Selected filters are now displayed in all Analytics Reports.
  • 12/11 – HOTFIX: API track_time request no longer fails when work_performed_on parameter is sent.

November 2018 Updates

  • 11/14 – FIXED: “Created by: Me” Custom Status Filter now also works on an Analytics Table widget in Dashboards
  • 11/14 – FIXED: The Client View button is now highlighted on the side navigation bar when you “Add and View” Client(s)
  • 11/14 – CHANGED: (API) You can now limit the number of entries returned on the timesheet_entries endpoint using the “limit” parameter. This limit is set to 1000 by default on unfiltered requests.

October 2018 Updates

  • 10/17 – NEW: Users can now enable and disable the Help Button in their Personal Profile Settings.
  • 10/17 – CHANGED: The Help Button’s appearance and placement have been adjusted to improve its usability:
    • The color has been updated to be consistent with our brand colors and accessibility guidelines.
    • The Help Button no longer auto-translates to other languages to maintain consistent size.
    • When you open a dialog window, the Help Button now stays behind it to ensure it never interferes with the selection buttons in the dialog.
    • The Help Button is no longer visible to Dashboard guests and Portal guests if they have no member accounts in any workspaces.
  • 10/17 – CHANGED: The error message after an unsuccessful login attempt now specifies whether the email address or the password was invalid.
  • 10/3 – FIXED: Date filter with Custom Date Range is no longer ignored on Dashboards for users with a different date locale.

September 2018 Updates

  • 9/19 – NEW: Help button in the lower right-hand corner of most tabs in the app enables you to contact our support team quickly and easily when you need assistance.
  • 9/6 – FIXED: Project count by Custom Field in donut widget now always displays the correct number in the “Other” roll-up report.

August 2018 Updates

  • 8/29 – FIXED: Sub-folders are now clickable in Analytics Table Widgets on Dashboards.
  • 8/17 – Ruby has been upgraded to version 2.5. The LiquidPlanner app is largely written in the Ruby programming language. For proper security and maintenance, we have upgraded LiquidPlanner to a more current version of Ruby.
  • 8/17 – HOTFIX: Users with Date Locale in dd/mm/yy format no longer get an error when exporting Timesheets or saving PDF snapshot.

July 2018 Updates

  • 7/25 – FIXED: Converting a virtual member to a real member no longer causes “Member has left workspace…” alert.
  • 7/25 – FIXED: Clicking project link on My Work or Timesheets pages now always lands on the correct item on the Projects tab.
  • 7/14 – FIXED: Improved error handling on Timesheet page to avoid the 500 error.

June 2018 Updates

  • 6/14 – FIXED: Invitations to Dashboard guests with long email addresses no longer fail to send.
  • 6/13 – FIXED: Downloading Analytics report as PDF no longer causes an error for reports containing numbers over seven digits long.
  • 6/12 – NEW: Inline-Edit Owner dialog now has a text explaining the effect of removing a person.

May 2018 Updates

  • 5/31 – CHANGED: Owners of a closed workspace will now see a warning that their workspace will be deleted in its entirety after 30 days of inactivity. Signing in prior to that will extend the access period.
  • 5/17 – FIXED: Duplicate entries no longer appear in Analytics roll-up reports and Analytics Table Widgets on Dashboards.
  • 5/17 – FIXED: Manage Email Preferences link no longer appears when viewing other members’ profiles.
  • 5/8 – NEW: The Help tab now has a Knowledge Base Search bar and Learning Path Guide for all members.
  • 5/8 – FIXED: Inherited tag no longer gets duplicated in timesheet export of packaged tasks.
  • 5/8 – FIXED: Bug: Totals are no longer missing for $Delta Contract vs Total Non-Billable Cost and $Delta Total Billable Cost vs Total Non-Billable Cost in Analytics and Dashboards.
  • 5/8 – FIXED: API workspace changes request now returns change records sorted by created_at date in ascending order.
  • 5/2 – NEW: For Administrator level users, the Help tab now has Knowledge Base Search bar and Learning Path Guide.
  • 5/2 – FIXED: Webhooks no longer get disabled after updating a project for a packaged task.
  • 5/2 – REMOVED: Affiliate program has been terminated.

Questions about an update or anything else? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!