Release 44.1 Update

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Release date: December 14, 2013

This update was to address some bug fixes, some of which were introduced during Release 44. Items of note are below.

Timesheet Review

  • Disconnected members will appear on Timesheet Review if the “Include Only Real Members” box is unchecked

Item Pickers

  • Double-clicking on the Dependency picker or Cross Reference picker will add the selected item to the existing selection. The double-click behavior on other pickers will remain the same (ie: it will replace previously selected entries)

Browser Related Issues

  • In Internet Explorer 9, issues with browser closing when selecting anchor date on the timeline has been fixed.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, issues with scrolling the workspace tree using the mouse wheel has been fixed.
  • When editing and saving a timesheet entry in Firefox and Internet Explorer, the focus will stay on the time entry that was just updated. Previously the focus jumped to the top of the timesheet.

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