Release 44

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Release date: December 7, 2013

This release was primarily technical in nature to complete the transition to the new scheduler, as well as making some additional improvements and addressing some bugs. Items of note are below.

Item Pickers (improved)

  • Improvements to the load time for item pickers such as Select Dependency, Add Cross Reference, and Change Package.
  • From the Select Dependency and Add Cross Reference item pickers, you can now double click on an item row to select it.

TinyMCE Comments and Notes Editor (fixed)

  • Pasting text into an existing HTML table in TinyMCE will not erase content.
  • When opening the TinyMCE editor with existing content, copying and pasting a URL will now be visible in the editor. Previously the URL would not appear until after saving and closing the editor.

Contract Value (fixed)

  • Managers can now see Contract Value on the Edit Panel, and when added as a column to the Timeline and Baseline view.

Timesheets and Timesheet Review (fixed)

  • Browser-based printing of timesheets is now fixed from the changes made in the S43 release.
  • Filtering to a Team in Timesheet Review will now recognize the “Only Real Members” sub-filter, if selected.

Reply All to “@All” (improved)

  • When selecting Reply All to @All, the comment will stay directed to @All. Previously it decomposed to list each individual in the comment.

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