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Release 48 (and 48.1)

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RELEASE 48 – Release Date: June 21, 2014

This release included updates to our Settings tab and People tab, several minor feature enhancements, and some bug fixes.


Settings Tab

  • The Settings tab has been redesigned.  The settings options are accessible on the left sidebar. Depending on your access level, certain Settings options may be hidden from view.  Previously, if you were restricted from accessing certain Settings options, the menu option would be greyed out but still visible. You will still find the same settings options according to your access level.
  • The number of Active Projects in your workspace has been added under Workspace Status.
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People Tab

  • The People tab has also been redesigned.  You will now find the buttons for inviting new members, adding virtual members, and downloading the member list on the right side of the page.
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Timesheet Review

  • The new “Request Update” feature replaces the “Request Attention” and “Reject” options on Timesheet Review.
  • A timesheet reviewer may click “Request Update” on a timesheet in “Ready” or “Not Ready” status, which will send an email notification to the timesheet owner, prompting them to edit and re-submit their timesheet.  This notification will also include any feedback that the reviewer may have included.
  • The timesheet reviewer will also receive an email confirming that an update was requested.
  • There is a new status called “Needs Update”, denoted by an orange question mark icon. This status takes effect when an update has been requested, and will remain until the timesheet has been reopened, or the reviewer has approved and locked the timesheet.
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Timesheet Export

  • Two columns have been added to the Timesheet Export: month and week number. These columns will appear directly after the Team column, and will be included in both .CSV and XML format.
  • The “Preview” button has been removed from Timesheet Export as the preview now automatically updates to reflect the filters you apply.
  • It is now possible to filter your timesheet export by:
    • Multiple activities
    • Multiple projects
    • Multiple clients
    • “Needs Update” status
release timesheet export


My Work Timesheet 

  • On timesheets of members with Manager level access and above, the name is now a member-picker which allows the user to view other members’ timesheet in timesheet review mode.

Partial-Day Events

  • If you are using the calendar integration feature, Partial-Day Events will now block off time in the external calendar according to the start time and end time of the Partial-Day event in LiquidPlanner.
  • You can now add a Partial-Day Event via the right-click menu on the My Work tab.
  • Partial-Day Events will now be captured under Custom Saved Status Filters where “item type” is “event”.

Card View

  • It is now possible to select and filter to multiple containers in Card View.
  • You may now duplicate items in Card View using the right-click menu.

Custom Fields

  • The ability to add, edit, or delete Custom Fields has been limited to workspace owners and co-owners.  Previously, people with Manager access level could also make these changes.


  • “Request Task Update” has been changed to “Request Update” to reflect that an update may be requested on any plan item.
  • The quick filter can now be applied in Card View.


  • In workspaces with only one activity, the activity will now auto-populate when time is logged.
  • Overdrive resources will no longer display an overbooked warning.
  • Events and Milestones now appear assigned to the correct person in all locations of the app. These items were previously appearing as “unassigned” in some parts of the app.
  • Milestones owned by disconnected members will now turn red.
  • You will no longer see an “owner has left the workspace” alert on events and milestones previously assigned to members who have since been disconnected or deleted.
  • Reports found on the Projects tab can again be expanded into full-screen view.
  • On the Status report, the schedule bar will now display in red if the selected item is at risk.
  • Clicking ESC to close the link dialogue box in the Comments section no longer causes the Comments box to close.

RELEASE 48.1 – Release Date: July 12, 2014

  • Bug fix:  Following Release 48, time logged to tasks in Projects marked “Done”, was not being included in timesheet exports.  The workaround was to check the “Include Done Items” box in order for the export to include all hours logged for the particular date range selected.  We have corrected this issue we introduced and these hours will now be included, by default, thus it will no longer necessary to check the “Include Done Items” box.
  • New:  When using the Search feature, results with files containing the search term will now appear as jump links, allowing you to open the file directly from the search result page.
  • Changed:  Right-clicking on Dependency or Cross-Reference links and selecting “Open link in new tab” will now open the link in a new tab.  Prior to this update, the new tab would load the previously selected item rather than the link that was selected.
  • Changed:  If there are no shared activities in your workspace, you will now be prompted to share an activity in order to track time.
  • Changed:  For events assigned to “everyone”, “everyone” will now appear in black font rather than red (which indicates a disconnected member).
  • Changed:  Time logged to Partial-Day Events will now roll up to the container.

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