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Release 49 (and 49.1)

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RELEASE 49.1 – Release date:  September 6, 2014


  • Edit Panel: Back by popular demand, and improved as well, you have the ability to jump from a plan item to its parent project, package or client.  Jump buttons have been added to the “Location” section of the edit panel, thus the ability exists and functions the same way from both the Project and My Work tabs.
  • Edit Panel:  You can collapse the “Description” section, but plan item ID number stays visible.
  • Settings Tab: Trial workspaces will now see this at the top of the page:  “Questions? Email or call 1-888-881-2561”
  • People tab:  “Transfer Tasks” now says: “Transfer Items”.
  • Project tab: When viewing a grey Sub-Folder, the item type in the “Description” section at the top of the edit panel now says “Project Sub-Folder” (it used to say simply “Folder”).
  • Timesheet Review:  When viewing the details of a member’s timesheet, the “Request…” is now more specific and says “Request Update”.
  • Timesheet Export:  When selecting the file format for your Timesheet Export, “Quickbooks IIF” has been changed to simply “IIF”.  Additionally, the checkbox to “Include previously exported entries” (as opposed to “Only new” entries) has been moved into this menu, rather than being adjacent to it.
  • Project tab menus:  The “Edit” (pencil icon) menu and the “Share Plan Information” (globe icon) menu were combined into a single menu, which is still called the “Edit” menu.  The only option that was removed was:  “Share on Portal” which can be done (even in bulk) from the edit panel.
  • Project tab filtering tools: The “Filter to my items” (person icon) button and the “Filter items” (funnel icon) have moved inside the filter capsule.
  • People tab/Member Profile: The “First Availability” and “Last Availability” settings have been removed from “My Profile“.  The columns of the same names on the People tab, where this information was displayed (for the very few people using this feature), were also removed.
  • Edit Panel: The “Location” section will no longer be shown for the “Inbox” or for Clients, since you can’t select or change a location for those objects anyway.
  • Filters: When you “Apply a Person Filter”, you have the option to check a box to “Include Checklist Items [+]” (on tasks you do not own).  Previously you’d see a “[+]” in the filter capsule next to the person’s name when the box was checked.  This visual indicator has been removed.

RELEASE 49 – Release Date: August 16, 2014

This release will include significant updates to our Edit Panel, Timesheets and Timesheet Review process, Help tab, and new trial workspaces.  It will also include a number of minor feature enhancements as well as a bit of a visual overhaul with lighter elements and dialog boxes.

In addition to these updates, as of August 16th, we will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer version 8.  Dropping support of IE8 will enable us to accelerate the pace at which we can innovate new product features, in addition to facilitating adoption of newer web technologies in the design of LiquidPlanner. Our goal is to provide the best possible user experience for every customer.


  • We have given the timesheet a visual refresh.  Additionally, we have updated the algorithm used to decide which tasks appear on your timesheet and the order in which they appear.  You will now see your tasks in the following order:
  • You now also have the ability to group tasks on your timesheet by different categories.  These categories include Project association, Client association, and Task custom fields.  There’s a grey triangle which will allow you to expand and collapse each category/section.
  • A roll-up of the hours logged under each category (project, client, or task custom field) will appear in black.
  • You will also see the roll-up of the hours logged each day in blue.  Click the roll-up to view just those tasks to which time was tracked on that particular day.
S49_timesheet_all callouts


  • We have removed the gear icon from the left navigation bar.  This was previously visible only to workspace owners and co-owners.  We found that most people went to the Settings tab first, rather than electing to edit timesheet-related settings from this page.
  • When adding a new task to your timesheet, from the timesheet, you will now stay on the timesheet and can track time to that new task immediately (rather than flipping over to Active Tasks).
  • As part of our timesheet refresh, pinned tasks that were marked “done” prior to April 2014 have been automatically unpinned from timesheets. Don’t panic – if for some reason you need these back, please contact support ( and we’ll help you out.


  • In our last release, we revised the timesheet review process such that Managers could no longer edit their team members’ timesheets.  We have restored that functionality in this release by adding a red “Re-Open” button in Timesheet Review.
  • When using the “Request Update” feature in timesheet review, to prompt a workspace member to update their timesheet, the message included in the “Request Update” will now be visible on the timesheet to the workspace member.  Members with Manager-level access can also see the comment from timesheet review.  The message will remain until the manager who requested the update either removes it or clicks “Approve & Lock”.
S49_timesheet review


The Edit Panel has been redesigned for a better user experience – making it easier to find things.  The same fields still appear in the panel, but they have been grouped into new sections called Description, Location, Planning, and Details.

NOTE: The “Name” field (for each plan item) has been removed because it was redundant with editable field at the top of the edit panel.

S49_edit panel


The Help tab has been redesigned.  This visual refresh makes it easier to access our Learning and Support resources, as well as enabling members to view the names and email addresses of the workspace owner(s), in case in-person help is needed.

new home tab


  • Edit Panel Commenting:  When adding a comment, if you navigate to a different section of the edit panel prior to saving a comment, the text will stay in the comment box so you can return to it.  Previously, navigating away from a comment before posting it would cause you to lose the text.  Additionally, you will now be alerted if you navigate away from the plan item entirely, asking you if you wish to post the comment before leaving.
  • Search:  The text in the search capsule has been changed from “Search” to “Search workspace” to clarify what this feature is for.
  • Search:  There’s now a way to clear what you’ve typed into the search field with an “x”.
  • Task estimation:  Tasks may now be re-estimated as 0-0 hours from the Edit Panel. Previously, it was only possible to estimate tasks as 0-0 hours via the Add Menu.
  • Custom fields:  Custom field values with spaces in them may now be added via the “Add Tasks” or “Add Project” dialog box by putting the value in quotation marks (i.e. Write report, Bob, #”Granny Smith” will match Granny Smith to the Fruit custom field).
  • Request Update:  After requesting an update on a plan item, the date and time stamp of the request will now appear in the History section of that item’s Edit Panel.
  • Avatar menu:  The options have been reordered.  They now appear in the following order: My Profile, Notifications, and then Sign Out.
  • Settings tab:  The Workspace Settings section has been updated to include a new “Purchase Seats” option on the left-side navigation panel.
  • Dependencies:  The option to create a dependency from the right-click menu has been changed from “Chain Items” to “Create Dependencies”.
  • Home tab:  The Add Comment icon has been removed.  It is still possible to reply to a comment via the Home tab by hovering over it and clicking “Reply” or “Reply All”.
  • People tab:  There’s a new “Transfer Tasks” link in the Action column on the People tab.  (This feature existed, but it was only visible after clicking Edit Profile for a member.)  Full and Restricted members will see this link in the row for their own name.  Manager-level and above privileges are needed in order to see/do this for other workspace members.  After clicking the link, you will have the option to transfer both active and done plan items in bulk to another workspace member.
  • People tab:  We’ve added a checkbox to “Include Disconnected Members” at the top of the page. This feature may help with the above, in the event that you disconnected someone before reassigning their plan items.  NOTE:  Only owners, co-owners and managers  see this checkbox.


We have updated the sample data provided in trial workspaces to include a package called “Getting Started”, which contains helpful instructions on setting up your workspace and onboarding your team.

S49_sample data

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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