Release 50 (and 50.1 & 50.2)

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RELEASE 50.2 – Release Date:  October 25, 2014

  • Small QA fixes with regard to the new Billing and Purchasing pages.

RELEASE 50.1 – Release Date:  October 18, 2014

  • Inviting New Members: The invitations you send to invite new members to your workspace will now include your avatar photo.
  • Tags
    • Timesheet Export: Tags will now be included in timesheet exports.  They will appear in a column after the “week” column and before any custom field columns.
    • API: Tags are now writable via the API.  You can find updated API instructions here.
  • Pricing and tiers: As of October 18, 2014, we are changing our pricing structure to offer three plans with varying features and levels of service.  This will not affect the price, features, or service offering on accounts created before October 18th.  You can read more about this change here.
  • Tags 
    • Min/Max Character Limit: Tags now have a 2-character minimum and 50-character maximum length.
    • Plan Item Name and tag extraction: For plan items with hashtags (#) in the name, only those preceded by a comma will be extracted from the name and turned into a Tag in LiquidPlanner.   E.g. Task name: “Purchase Order #12345” – will NOT create a Tag “#12345”.  Task name: “Purchase Order, #12345” – WILL extract “#12345” from the task name and create a Tag “#12345”.

RELEASE 50 – Release Date:  October 4, 2014

The major highlights in this release are: the merge of the My Work tab into the Home tab and the new Tags feature.  We also made updates to the Timesheet, Timesheet Export and Timesheet Review, as well as the PDF Snapshot, Analytics, and a number of other minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. Read on!


In order to make it easier to find all of your tasks, comments and notifications, we have combined these two tabs into one.  Don’t worry, everything you need is still there!  The features previously located on the My Work tab have just moved to the Home tab.  Look for the same familiar views under the My Work section of the Home tab:

      • My Tasks (formerly “Active Tasks”)
      • Timesheet
      • Calendar
      • Status Report (formerly “Personal Status Report”)
New Home tab
      • When working from the Home tab, you will be notified of any new comments directed at you in the workspace via a counter that appears next to “My Comments”.
Release Notes_S50_5
      • To streamline and eliminate redundancy with the merge of Home and My Work, below is what got changed or removed:


      • Tags allow you to easily categorize similar plan items and quickly filter to those items on both the Projects and Analytics tabs.
      • Tags are flexible and can be used in addition to Custom Fields to add context to your work without affecting priority.
      • Add tags directly in the Tags field in the Location section of an item’s edit panel, or via a comment by entering a hashtag (#) directly followed by a new or existing tag name (E.g. #coolnewfeature).
      • Tags can be imported when adding new items to your plan, and when exporting tasks to file, they will be in their own column. This column will appear after the Team column and before Contract Value and Custom Fields.


      • In addition to moving your Timesheet to the Home tab, you will also notice some minor visual changes for ease in use:
        • The “Submit” button now says “Submit Timesheet”.
        • We have combined the ‘+’ icon (used to add new tasks, events, and milestones) and magnifying glass icon (used for locating existing tasks) with a single blue “Add” button with a drop-down menu that contains all of the same options.
        • We have renamed the “Default” timesheet grouping to “Type”. Grouping your timesheet by “Type” keeps your items in the same order as with “no grouping”, however they will appear under their respective grouping bands.



      • Managers will now find links to Timesheet Review and Timesheet Export on the Home tab under a new section called “Management”. We relocated these two commonly accessed features from the Settings tab to make them faster and easier to find and use:
Release Notes_S50_6
      • Managers will no longer have a “Review All Timesheets” button on their own timesheet since they can now access this from the left navigation on the same screen.  Clicking “Review Timesheets” will have the same result as the link that was removed.
      • When viewing timesheets in Timesheet Review mode, the week total filter is now sticky so you may edit a timesheet without losing the week total filter. Previously, filtering to the weekly subtotal and then editing the timesheet caused you to return to an unfiltered version of the timesheet.


      • NEW:  Exclude parent containers from your PDF Snapshots. To do this, from the Edit menu on the Projects tab, select “Save PDF Snapshot” and then select “No” in the “Include parent container” field:
Release Notes_S50_3
      • FIXED:  The on-hold icon will now appear in the left column of the PDF Snapshot for any item that is on-hold, similar to how it looks on the Projects tab. Previously, the on-hold icon appeared on the right side of the snapshot only if the box next to “Include Schedule Bars” was selected.
      • FIXED:  When creating a PDF snapshot, “Include Schedule Bars” now defaults to “Yes”. Previously neither option was defaulted.


      • NEW:  Filter your Analytics Roll-Up reports by Tag.
      • NEW:  Expose a “Tags” column on Project, Task, and Client Roll-Up and Baseline Reports.
      • NEW:  Project and Task reports how have a column called “Priority”. The Priority column will show you where a project or task sits in priority relative to the other items displayed.  (To expose this column in your Project or Task report, click the Columns button and check the box next to “Priority”.  Click the column header to sort your report results by Priority.)


      • ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS:  Due to the addition of our new Tags feature, when adding new projects and tasks via the Add Menu, you must now use an ‘*’ in front of the custom field value rather than a ‘#’.  (Adding a ‘#’ before a word will create a tag rather than setting the custom field value.)
      • DUPLICATING PLAN ITEMS:  When duplicating plan items, there is now a checkbox to duplicate tags, if desired.
Release Notes_S50_1
      • FILTER MENU:  Due to the addition of our new Tags feature when clicking the Filter Menu (filter icon on the Projects tab), you’ll now see a new option to “Filter by Tag”.
      • TRASH – QUICK FILTER:  We’ve added the Quick Filter to the Trash to help you find deleted items.
Release Notes_S50_4
      • ACCESS CONTROLS:  You will no longer see the “Access Controls” jump link OR the Edit button in the Access Controls section of the Edit panel for Packages, as we do not support package-level access controls.
      • DEPENDENCY ALERTS:  We’ve improved the wording on alerts that occur on Dependencies to make them easier to understand.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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