Release 51

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Release Date:  November 22, 2014

This release primarily addressed bugs and small feature tweaks. We visually overhauled the Analytics tab and made some minor enhancements, too. Read on!


Changes were made to re-style the saved report library, left sidebar navigation, and the reports themselves.


  • Quick Filter – located at the top of the Report Library.  Use it to find saved reports fast. (See first screen shot below.)
  • Filter reports by Status – e.g., pare down result set to only “done” or “flagged” items. (Pictured in 3rd screen shot below.)
  • Introduction page – shows information and a video for those not familiar with this powerful reporting tool. Customers with no saved reports will see this screen first. Those with saved reports can click on the “Introduction” link to see this page.


  • Report Library – if you’re on the Intro page, click this to find all of your saved reports. (Formerly called “Saved Reports”.)
  • Recently Viewed – new section. Shows up to 10 reports.
  • Menus – each type of report now has a pop-out menu to select further options.  The separate sections for Roll up and Baseline Reports were eliminated. The options to use either type of report still exist and are now found in the pop-out menu.
    See below:
  • Custom Field Reports – find them under Project and Task Report pop-out menus. The appropriate custom fields appear depending on the report type. (E.g, in the screen shot above, the Task Report options include the ability to report on the four custom fields that we have in the Game FX Workspace.)
  • Data Customization section – this allows you to jump easily to particular areas of the Settings tab, if necessary. E.g., to set up additional Activities or Teams.  Selection is sticky if you wish to fold this up and forget about it.
  • Resource Report – this is a new grouping, not a new report. Click “Resource Report” to access both the Person Report and Team Report as shown below:


  • Unassigned and On-Hold items will now show up on Analytics Reports – previously these unscheduled items were suppressed, even when full date range and/or “including rows with no hours” selection was used.
  • Report Customization – once you’re IN a report, the options for picking the date range, filters and columns desired are all next to one another for ease in use. (See screen shot below.)
  • Button change – Save is now Save to Library. (See screen shot below.)
  • Gear icon was removed – this expanded into several Settings options. These same options are now under the “Data Customization” section in left navigation.
  • Dump Truck icon was removed – this brought managers to Timesheet Export. A jump link to Timesheet Export is now under the “New Reports” section in left navigation.



Changes were made to both the Total Trend and Remaining Trend Reports to make them more dynamic.

  • Zoom –It is now possible to select a region and zoom in on the Total Trend and Remaining Trend Reports.
  • Projections – We added projection lines to the Total Trend Report, as well as both vertical and horizontal axis reference lines.
S51_Trend1_Release Notes
S51_Trend2_Release Notes



  • Avatars – see more of yourself/your team throughout the UI! Your picture (assuming you have one) is now on the Status Report, My Tasks and Timesheet, adjacent to the member picker.
  • Browser tabs – now reflect the LP tab you’re on. Comes in handy should you have more than one instance of LP open at a time.
  • New search field – we’ve added a search bar in the project access picker to make finding and granting permission (for Restricted Members) to projects easier. See this by going to Settings > Member Access > Project Access (right side of page).
  • Favorites – re-designed Favorites for ease of use (more intuitive).
  • Payment Settings – now has sections for both Billing and Company information, should they happen to be different. (Settings > Payment Settings)

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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