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Release 52 (and 52.1)

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Release 52.1 – Release Date:  January 24, 2015

  • Schedule bars: The schedule bar popups for packages, project folders, and sub-folders have been updated to the new design introduced in S52.Popup_release notes
  • Status Report: The Status Report now shows the correct % complete and hours logged within the selected date range.
  • Personal Status Report: The Personal Status Report now shows the correct number of hours logged within the selected date range.

Release 52 – Release Date:  January 10, 2015

Highlights of this release include new functionality which enables multiple owners to be added to a single task, and a redesigned edit panel.  Updates were made to the schedule bars, the workspace directory, and a number of other minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.


When logging in for the first time after S52, for any task to which multiple people have logged time, the names of all contributors will now be displayed in the Owners column on the Projects tab.  Their names will be seen in the Planning section of the edit panel with their assignments marked ‘done’.  Tracking time on a task imparts ownership, such that any time a workspace member logs time to a task, he or she now becomes an owner of the task.


By (very) popular demand:  it is now possible to assign multiple owners to the same task!  This is useful for tasks with multiple people doing the same work or activity, tasks that require multiple people to work together simultaneously, or when a task may start with only one owner but later requires effort from another person.  Assigning multiple owners to the same task increases transparency and allows team members to concentrate all collaboration information on one task.

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For more information on tasks with multiple owners, please see our Help Guide article.


As a consequence of adding the multiple owners on tasks functionality, our API has undergone significant breaking changes that require code updates.  For specific information on these changes, and what needs to be done if your integration has stopped working, please consult this section of our Developer Forum.

New: It’s also now possible to filter by tags via the API.  Please see page 10 of our API User Guide for more information.


Schedule bars have been updated with a flatter design and the schedule bar pop-up has been redesigned to support multiple owners on tasks.

NEW: On tasks with more than one owner, the pop-up will now display bars representing the remaining effort of each owner, as well as when they are expected to start and finish their work on the task relative to other owners on the task.

NEW: Highlight and Filter to the Critical Path directly from an item’s schedule bar.

schedule bar

CHANGED: The interruption graphic  is now displayed as a grey bar, without the arrows.



The edit panel has been restyled for a better user experience, and to accommodate multiple owners on tasks.  The same fields still appear in the panel, but some have been moved into different sections.

new edit panel

NEW: Log progress from the Planning section of the Edit Panel either by clicking the new “Log Your Progress” link or by clicking into the “Logged” field for any owner.

NEW: On tasks with multiple owners, there’s an option to “Work Independently” or “Work in Order”.  By default, tasks will be set to “Work Independently”.  Read more about these options in our Help Guide article.

CHANGED: The jump links at the top of the Edit Panel have been turned into icons.   The icons will appear in gray until something has been added to that particular section, at which point the icon will turn blue.  Click these icons to jump to different parts of the panel.  To return to the top of the Edit Panel, click the blue arrow icon that appears at the top of the panel as you scroll down the page:


CHANGED:  The “Get Link” (globe) and “Get Email Address” (envelope) icons have been changed to text links and moved lower down on the panel.

CHANGED:  The “Description” section has been renamed simply to the Item Type (E.g. on a Task edit panel, this was formerly called “Task Description” but is now simply called “Task”).

CHANGED: To convert a plan item, click “Convert” in the Planning section of the panel.  Basic functionality is the same (more on this below), but this button was previously called the item type (E.g. “Task” if the item you were on was a task).

CHANGED: Done, On Hold, Delay Until, and Deadline fields have all been moved up above the owner assignment rows/fields.

CHANGED: The expected start (Start [E]) and finish (Finish [E]) dates on tasks, as a whole, are now displayed directly below the expected start and finish dates for each individual assignment on the task.

CHANGED: All other fields on the panel have been moved under a Details section, which can be collapsed or expanded.

CHANGED:  History now shows the history for individual assignments, such as when time was logged or when the remaining effort was re-estimated.

REMOVED: The “Location” section has been removed.  The Project, Package, and Client associations moved into the first section of the panel, along with Description and Tags.


CHANGED: Due to changes made to the scheduler to support multiple owner tasks, it is necessary to refresh the project plan in order to see changes made to fields in the Edit Panel.  Prior to the release, when reassigning or estimating a task, these updates were reflected in the columns immediately in gray text and a refresh was only necessary to see the updates to the schedule.  Following S52, the new owner(s) or estimates will not be seen in the columns until the plan is refreshed.


NEW: It is now possible to filter Baseline Analytics Reports by Tag.

CHANGED: “Add Report” has been renamed to “Create Report”.

CHANGED: The name field at the top of reports has been restyled (box around on hover) to make it more obvious that the field is editable.


CHANGED: Due to updates made to support multiple owners on tasks, trend information for dates prior to April 2013  is no longer available for both the Total Trend and Remaining Trend reports.


CHANGED: Checklist items by default are now assigned to “All Owners” rather than “Task Owner” since there can now be multiple owners on a single task.

CHANGED: The “Order” column has been renamed to “Done” to match the new assignment rows on tasks with multiple owners.  The same icons can still be used to drag/drop and reorder checklist items.

CHANGED: Checklist reminders will now appear just above the planning section of the Edit Panel.  They previously appeared at the very top of the panel above the Description.


CHANGED: When selected in a cell to log time, “Remaining Effort” is now called “My Remaining Effort” to reflect that it’s possible to have multiple ranged effort estimates on a single task with multiple owners.

CHANGED: Previously, when logging time on behalf of another workspace member, on a task not owned by you, the “Log Time For” field defaulted to your name and had to be changed to the owner’s name.  Following the release, clicking “Log Time For” on another member’s task (assignment row) will default to logging time for that person rather than for yourself.


NEW:  Inherited Tags is a new column that can be exposed on both the Projects and Analytics tabs.


CHANGED: Prior to S52, multiple-owner events and milestones converted into tasks were assigned to only one owner.  Now, events and milestones assigned to multiple owners will also be converted into multiple-owner tasks.  Events and milestones assigned to “Everyone” when converted to tasks will still be assigned to “unassigned”.

CHANGED: When converting a multiple owner Partial-Day Event into a task, each owner will be given an assignment with an estimate equal to the duration of the event.


REMOVED: The “Reassign to…” command from the right-click menu has been removed.  Plan items can still be reassigned from the Planning section of the Edit Panel.


CHANGED: Alerts will now appear just above the planning section of the Edit Panel.  They previously appeared at the very top of the Edit Panel, above the Description.


NEW: Email notifications now include the message “You are receiving this email because you have these notifications enabled” followed by the type of change that was made to the item, such as “custom field” or “comment”.


CHANGED: To toggle to the Workspace Directory, click the avatar menu > Workspace Directory.  Previously, toggling to the Workspace Directory page was done by clicking the workspace name on the top left corner of the app.

Workspace directory_1

CHANGED: The Workspace Directory has been redesigned. You will now see your access level for each workspace of which you’re a member.  The Project Portal Completion Ranges and Deadlines will no longer appear in the directory – click the Portal name to enter the portal and view this information.


DEPENDENCIES: Prior to S52, a bug was causing some 0-0h tasks to schedule out of order.  This has been fixed so 0-0h tasks will schedule properly.  E.g. prior to S52, if a member has a full-day event on a day where a 0-0h task would otherwise have scheduled, the 0-0h task was scheduling before the event.  Following S52, this 0-0h task will be scheduled the day after the event.

DAILY LIMITS: Prior to S52, tasks with estimates beyond 1990 hours with daily limits were not scheduling properly, which sometimes led to inaccurate finish dates. Following S52, tasks with long estimates and daily limits will only schedule out as far as 365 calendar days and an alert will appear to provide notification of this scheduling limitation.

FAVORITES: Prior to S52, the tags filter was not being applied properly in saved Favorites.  Following S52, Favorites that include a tag filter will function properly.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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