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Release 53 (and 53.1)

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Release 53.1 – Release Date:  March 14, 2015

  • Dashboards: When adding a new widget to a dashboard, the box to “Use the dashboard’s common filter” will be checked by default. The dashboard’s common filter will also be reflected in the filter capsule:

    widget filter_53.1

  • Dashboards: There is now a limit of 20 widgets per dashboard.
  • API:  It is now possible to set the wait time unit (days or weekdays) and value (number of days or weekdays) via the API.
  • Following S53, saved project roll-up reports filtered by location were displaying projects outside of the filter criteria when set to exclude rows with no hours in range. Following S53.1, only projects meeting the filter criteria will appear in these saved reports.

Release 53 – Release Date:  February 28, 2015

Highlights of this release include new features such as Dashboards, Backlog Packages, and Wait Time.  Updates were made to Analytics, Daily Limits, as well as a number of other minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.



NEW: Backlog packages are a new item type in LiquidPlanner.  They’re useful for organizing and storing items that you do not want to impact your schedule, such as your product backlog, projects awaiting approval, project templates, or ongoing tasks.  Work within a backlog package is on hold and unscheduled.

NOTE: Packages that were placed on-hold before February 28, 2015 will automatically be converted into backlog packages. The items within those backlog packages will stay on-hold until they are taken off hold manually from the edit panel. 


Use Dashboards to build high-level views that help with data visualization and allow for information sharing with both workspace members and external collaborators. Members can create dashboards to help track project completion, provide status updates to stakeholders, or to manage their own work.



NEW: It is now possible to set wait time in LiquidPlanner.  Wait time is the number of days that must pass from the time a predecessor task is marked done before the dependent task may start.  This functionality is useful for modeling wait time in the schedule without having that time roll up to the project’s remaining effort.

Wait time_1


NEW: It is now possible to filter by Project Status and Project Owner in Analytics reports.

CHANGED: Projects with no tasks in them will now appear in Analytics Project reports when including projects with no hours in the date range.  (Prior to S53, projects without any tasks in them were suppressed.)

CHANGED: The column previously called “Is Done” is now simply called “Done”.

CHANGED: Filters now called Task Owner and Task Status:

Analytics filters


CHANGED: When running the Total Trend Report against a specific task, the Estimation and Tracking table is no longer shown.  It is still possible to view the complete estimation and time tracking history for that task in the History section of the task’s Edit Panel.


NEW: It is now possible to select a Daily Limit as low as 0.25 hours and as high as 8 hours.  It is also possible to manually input the Daily Limit on a task by typing in a number between .25 and 8 where it says “None” in the image below:

Daily Limit_53.1


CHANGED: Following our last release and the introduction of multiple owners on tasks, the ability to make bulk edits across multiple item types was greatly reduced.  We’ve restored the ability to select multiple item types and change the owner, estimate tasks, set default activities on tasks, and log time to tasks, milestones, and events.


CHANGED: Prior to this release, when adding a new package, project folder, or sub-folder, it was created at the same level as the container that was selected and you had to drag and drop it to nest it. Here’s how it works now:

  • When focus is on an expanded package, adding a new package or project folder will create the new plan item nested inside of the selected package.  If the selected package is closed (collapsed) when the new package or project is added, the new container will land directly below the selected package.
  • When adding a new sub-folder to an expanded sub-folder, the new sub-folder will be nested inside of the expanded sub-folder.  If the selected sub-folder is closed, the new sub-folder will be added below it.


NEW: Put an item on hold or take it off hold with the right-click menu.

NEW: Add a backlog package from the right-click menu. (Right click > Add Items…)


NEW: Task cards with multiple owners will display owners’ avatars in the order in which their assignments are scheduled.  Avatars of owners with done assignments will be greyed out.

Card View


NEW: If including a LiquidPlanner item URL when making a comment, that plan item will automatically be added under the Links section of the edit panel as a cross-referenced link.


CHANGED: The alerts and icons that appear in the far left column of the Projects tab have been restyled to correspond with the flatter user interface.

CHANGED: The icon indicating that there are attachments on an item is now a sheet of paper rather than a paperclip.


NEW: Prior to this release, when adding a new client to your workspace, Portfolio mode was automatically toggled ON.  The option now exists to stay on current view, OR be toggled to Portfolio mode when adding a client:




NEW: Four additional currencies are now supported: Russian Ruble (RUB – ₽), Kenyan Shillings (KES – KSh), Croatian Kuna (HRK – kn), and Brazilian Real (BRL – R$).  Set your preferred currency by going to Settings > Workspace Settings and clicking on the Currency field:



CHANGED: The “Last Activity” column has been replaced by “Last Access”.  Last Activity was displaying a date and time of the last change record by a user, which only accounted for any actual changes made. In response to customer requests, the Last Access date has been updated to specifically indicate when a member last logged into LiquidPlanner.


TIMESHEET REVIEW: Following S52, hours logged by disconnected members were appearing on the edit panel even after those hours were removed from the member’s timesheet.  Following S53, hours logged by disconnected members that have been removed from the timesheet will no long appear in the edit panel.


For changes to mobile devices, please see the iOS and Android: Version 4.53.0 release notes.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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