Release 54

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Release Date:  May 9, 2015

This release was primarily technical in nature, rather than feature driven. It included an update to Rails 4 and Ruby 2, security patches and bug fixes. We added more logging and telemetry to enable our team to better diagnose and fix bugs, and to boost our ability to measure and improve performance in the future.


TRIAL WORKSPACES:  Free trials started on, or after Saturday, May 9th will last 14 days.  After 14 days, seats must be purchased in order to continue using the workspace.  All trials started before Saturday, May 9th will still be 30 days in length.

DASHBOARDS: The text and default behavior on Dashboard table widgets has changed.  Prior to this release, the box next to “Include empty rows” needed to be checked to include undefined items or items with no hourly values in the table.  Following this release, undefined items and items with no hourly values in the table will be included by default and the box next to “Include items with hourly values of 0 or undefined” will need to be unchecked to exclude them.

CUSTOM STATUS FILTERS: Custom status filters with rules for “Name” and “Reference” are no longer case sensitive.  Prior to S53, a custom filter looking for “feature” in the Name or Reference field would not items with “Feature” (upper-case ‘F’).

INVITATIONS: Links in email invitations sent to new workspace members will now expire after 90 days. Previously, these links never expired.


ZAPIER: It is now possible to create a Partial-Day Event in LiquidPlanner using Zapier.


SCHEDULE INTERRUPTIONS: After Release 53, the names of plan items interrupting the schedule were no longer appearing on the schedule bar popup.  This bug has been fixed so the interrupting item’s name will be visible from the popup again.

STATUS REPORTS: Both the Personal Status Report and the Status Report accessed from the View Menu on the Projects tab were displaying Start [E] and Finish [E] dates in mm/dd/yy format even when the user’s date settings were dd/mm/yy or yyyy-mm-dd format.  This bug has been fixed the dates on both reports will now appear in the member’s selected date format.

EVENTS: Some Events created and marked done prior to Release 52 were displaying as ‘Unassigned’.  This has been fixed and events will now display as assigned to the correct owners.

TRANSFERRING ITEMS: Checking the “Include items marked ‘Done” box when transferring items from one owner to another is now functioning properly.

REMAINING EFFORT: When selecting multiple tasks on the Projects tab, a bogus remaining effort value was being displayed in the Edit Panel.  This has been fixed to show the correct roll-up of the remaining effort of the selected tasks.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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