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Release 55 (and 55.1)

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Release 55.1 – Release Date:  June 20, 2015

CHANGED: On recurring Partial Day Events, the Start [E] and Finish [E] in the columns on the Projects tab will now display the date of the next occurrence in the series.  Previously the Start [E] and Finish [E] dates in these columns displayed the Start Date as entered in the recurrence dialog window.

Release 55 – Release Date:  June 6, 2015

This release includes the highly-anticipated feature enhancement Recurring Partial Day Events, as well as two new dashboard widgets. Other items of note are the ability to upload documents from third party locations, several updates to dashboard functionality and the exposure of the Max Effort column in Timesheet Export.


RECURRING PARTIAL DAY EVENTS: It is now possible to add a recurrence pattern to a Partial Day Event. Options include: Weekly or Bi-Weekly, any combination of days of the week, occurrence start date, finish date, or ongoing with the option to set the number of occurrences visible on the schedule at a time.



  • INTAKE FORM WIDGET: This new widget will allow team members or external guests to submit new items to the workspace from the Dashboard. An Intake Form Widget is configured and pointed to a specified location or container in the workspace. Team members or guests then submit tasks or projects via the configured widget and they will appear in the workspace in that specified location or container.
  • UPCOMING TASKS WIDGET: Dashboards now include a widget to display upcoming tasks in their priority order. The widget includes filtering options and four columns to display various task metrics.


  • COMMENTS WIDGET: It is now possible to choose the number of comments that appear per plan item in the comments widget. Previously there was only a default pre-set number of comments that displayed for each plan item.
  • DONUT WIDGET : There are 3 newly added metrics for the Donut Widget for the option to display count totals for Person Count, Project Count, and Task Count
    • The widget formerly titled “Table” is now titled “Analytics Table”
    • Addition of 2 more columns for a total of 6 columns in the Analytics Table widget instead of 4
    • Analytics Table now defaults to include columns Hours Logged, Hours Remaining [E], and Hours Total [E]
    • When Row Type is set to Project or Task on the Analytics Table Widget, there is now an option to include a breadcrumb showing the item’s parent container.
    • New Column Metric: Addition of 2 new column metrics for Task Count and Person Count
    • New Column Metric: Addition of Rate Sheet and financial information as column options
  • Widgets containing FINANCIAL INFORMATION:
    • “Duplicate” will be disabled on Dashboards containing widgets with financial information due to privacy and sharing settings
    • Only owners and co-owners can add viewers and editors to Dashboards containing widgets with financial information


NEW: In the Documents section, there is now an option to “Link to External File”. Use this to upload documents from 3rd party sites by providing a URL link to the file. Previously the options were to upload from GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and Box.


UPDATED: Date filters in Analytics and Dashboards for Last Week, Last Month, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days and Last Week + 30d includes the current date. Previously the current day was excluded from these filters.

UPDATED: When filtered to a group of people, and adding a new plan item without a specified owner, the plan item will be auto-assigned to the person adding the item IF they are included in the person filter. If the person adding the plan item is not included in the person filter, the plan item will be auto-assigned to the first person listed in the group filter. Prior to the release, the plan item was assigned to one of the members included in the person filter.


UPDATED: When new members are invited into a workspace, their User Name will default to First Name + Last Initial. Previously, the default User Name was created from only the First Name. This is to lessen the chance of two members having the same User Name.

UPDATED: User names can no longer includes spaces. If a space is included in the User Name and “Update” is clicked, an alert message will display noting “User name does not allow spaces.”

This change applies to all members and access levels, including virtual members. Existing user names will still have the space. However, if an existing user name is edited, you will be prompted to update it with a one word naming convention (removing the space).

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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